"Star Trek" : Reviews


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Peter Travers Rolling Stone Summer officially hits warp speed.
Owen Gleiberman Entertainment Weekly With a crew like this, you can welcome the future.
Roger Ebert Chicago Sun Times The Gene Roddenberry years, when stories might play with questions of science, ideals or philosophy, have been replaced by stories reduced to loud and colorful action.
Mary F. Pols Time Magazine There are many satisfyingly sly flourishes in Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman's script.
Michael Phillips Chicago Tribune The new Star Trek motion picture seeks to extend a lucrative brand with a young demographic. But it's a real movie -- breathlessly paced bordering on manic, but propulsively entertaining.
Manohla Dargis New York Times A bright, shiny blast from a newly imagined past.
Anthony Lane New Yorker Quinto is the one person here who may leave teen-aged viewers more perplexed than puffed up; he somehow rebukes the movie’s whole obsession with backstory and immaturity by seeming riper and wiser than the charmless folly that is spun around him.
Joe Morgenstern Wall Street Journal Star Trek goes back to the legend's roots with a boldness that brings a fatigued franchise back to life.
Mick LaSalle San Francisco Chronicle In going back to tell the Enterprise story from the beginning, Star Trek presses collective emotional buttons people didn't even know they had. At its best, the effect is like seeing life panoramically, past and future, simultaneous and magnificent.
Stephanie Zacharek Salon.com With Star Trek Abrams honors the show's legacy without fossilizing its best qualities. Instead, he's whisked it off to a planet where numbing nostalgia can't kill it, and where the future is still something to look forward to.
Ray Bennett The Hollywood Reporter J.J. Abrams gives the Starship Enterprise all it's got, and it's more than enough.
Todd McCarthy Variety Blasting onto the screen at warp speed and remaining there for two hours, the new and improved “Star Trek” will transport fans to sci-fi nirvana.
Steve Daly NewsWeek I can vouch for my own deep satisfaction at seeing an old favorite resurrected, and at discovering that it speaks so directly to our place and time. A movie built to celebrate diversity, understanding and hope is definitely audacious.
Ronan O'Flaherty TrekCore Rating: 5 out of 5
Chris Tookey DailyMail Rating: 5 out of 5
Debra Craine TimesOnline Rating: 5 out of 5
Colin Kennedy Empire Online Rating: 4 out of 5 (Excellent)