"Star Trek" : Theme Music


The Official Star Trek Sountrack is available for purchase at online retailers and iTunes. We are please to be able to provide some missing tracks that have never been released for purchase:

"Behold the Narada" (0:28) - The crew of the Starship Kelvin get their first glimpse of the monstrous alien vessel, the Narada, as it emerges from the 'lightning storm in space' they've been sent to investigate.

"Pike's Plan" (1:59) - Ordered by Nero to come aboard the Narada, Pike hatches a plan to save the day by dispatching Kirk, Sulu and Engineer Olson to the mining laser in Vulcan's atmosphere as he shuttles over to surrender himself.

"The Big Jump" (3:00) - Kirk, Sulu and Engineer Olson orbital sky-dive from Pike's shuttle in order to board and sabotage the mining laser blocking communications and drilling into Vulcan's core.

We also have the music from the theatrical trailers:

Down With the Enterprise (From Trailer 2)
Freedom Fighters (From Trailer 3)
Official Website's Background Music