"Star Trek The Wrath Of Khan" : Supporting Characters


PLAYED BY: Ricardo Montalban

Khan is a genetically bred human who rose to power among others of his kind helping to generate the Eugenics Wars involving much of Earth’s Third World. He was defeated, but escaped drifting in space on a sleeper ship for over two centuries.  It was discovered by Enterprise in 2267. Khan made a valiant attempt to seize the starship, but failed and was sentenced by Kirk to tame the M-Class world of Ceti Alpha V. Six months into their sentence, the star systems 6th planet exploded turning Ceti Alpha V into a desert wasteland.  In 2285, Khan commandeered the Reliant and hijacked the top-secret Project Genesis with plans to seek vengeance against Kirk.  These plans, however, only resulted in Khan's own death.

PLAYED BY: Bibi Besch

A Molecular Biologist who developed a planetary revitalization process known as Project Genesis.

Carol had a brief romantic affair with James Kirk some twenty years prior to the project that resulted in their son David - also a scientist involved in Project Genesis.

PLAYED BY: Merritt Butrick

David Marcus is a key scientist on the Genesis Project. He was able to make Genesis functional by introducing protomatter into the projects matrix. David was part of the search team who rescued the regenerated Spock on the Genesis Planet. He was murdered by Klingons there. He was the only son of James T. Kirk and Carol Marcus.

PLAYED BY: Paul Winfield

Commander of the USS Reliant. Terrell was captured by Khan Noonien Singh on Ceti Alpha V. Khan infected Terrel with an indigenous parasite that allowed Khan to control Terrel. Khan extracted Information from Terrell and used it to steal Project Genesis. When Khan ordered Terrell to execute Kirk, he chose instead to take his own life.

PLAYED BY: Kirstie Alley

A female Vulcan apprentice of Spock who was enrolled at Starfleet Academy. She was among the crew aboard Enterprise when Khan intercepted it. Saavik was part of the search team on the Genesis planet and was key in the rescue of the regenerated Spock. Saavik chose to remain on Vulcan when the rest of the Enterprise crew departed.