"Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home" : Supporting Characters


PLAYED BY: Jane Wyatt

Amanda helped her son to re-educate himself, after his death and rebirth on the Genesis Planet and fal-tor-pan rejoining. In particular, she tried to help Spock rediscover his Human side.

PLAYED BY: Catherine Hicks
Dr. Gillian Taylor was an expert in Cetacean Biology and was especially fond of two Humpback whales in her care, George and Gracie.

In 1986, Gracie became pregnant, and Dr. Taylor had to arrange for them to be released back into the wild due to the inability to keep them in captivity. When the time came for them to be released, Gillian was contacted by Admiral James T. Kirk, who had come back in time to secure humpback whales for transport back to the 23rd century where they would repopulate the species and make contact with the alien probe that was unwittingly causing Earth's destruction. Taylor was understandably disbelieving of Kirk's claims, and infuriated with Spock's rather indiscreet method of communicating with the whales.

However, after learning that the whales were released prematurely without her knowledge, she desperately sought Kirk out. She was revealed to the truth to her surprise when she experienced being beamed up and greeted by Kirk on board his stolen cloaked Klingon Bird-of-Prey.

After rescuing the freed whales from a group of whalers, Taylor willingly time-traveled to the 23rd century along with George and Gracie, explaining that she had nothing in the present, and reasoning that the future would need somebody who actually knew something about whales. She was later assigned to a Federation science vessel shortly after her arrival to the 23rd century, in order to "catch-up" on the past 300 years.

PLAYED BY: Mark Lenard
Sarek finally apologized to Spock for his original opposition to Spock's decision to join Starfleet, recognizing Spock's friends as people of good character.

PLAYED BY: John Schuck

Ambassador Kamarag, loudly protested the Federation's development of the previously classified Project Genesis, which he claimed was central to a plot aimed at annihilating the Klingon species. His claims were debunked by Sarek, as he pointed out that Genesis was named for creation of life and accused the Klingons of committing murder in their attempt to learn its secrets. The Klingon ambassador defended their actions, proudly stating that they had a right to preserve their race. When Sarek tried to speak on behalf of Kirk, the Klingon ambassador accused Sarek of harboring a personal bias, as Kirk had rescued Sarek's son, Spock. When the Federation Council refused to prosecute Admiral Kirk for supposed war crimes against the Klingons in defending the USS Enterprise from a Klingon attack on the Genesis Planet, the Klingon ambassador proclaimed, "There will be no peace as long as Kirk lives!" As he and his aides left, someone in the Council referred to him as a "pompous ass."