"Star Trek IV: The Motion Picture" : Mistakes and Errors


The following are courtesy of MovieMistakes.com and IMDB.com

In the scene where they are landing the cloaked Klingon ship in Golden Gate Park, it crushes a garbage can and depresses the ground several inches. However, after the ship lands you can still see grass blowing in the wind under where the ship is supposedly sitting.
When Dr. Taylor drops off Spock at the park, the ignition switch of the Chevy pickup is shown in the "off" position, yet engine idling sound continues and there is no sound of the engine starting up again.
Notice the candle on the table in the Italian restaurant scene during Capt. Kirk and Dr. Gillian dialog. It changes height depending who is talking.
When Kirk is transported to the Bird of Prey after having dinner with Gillian, he is holding a pizza box.  However, when the movie cuts to Kirk walking out of the transporter room, the pizza box is gone.
In the operating room, when Kirk uses a phaser to melt the lock, the hand he is holding the phaser in switches from shot to shot.
When Sulu accidentally turns on the windshield wipers of the helicopter, the wipers were broken so a grip had to move the wipers manually. Look closely and you can see his finger holding on to the blade as it moves back and forth.
When the Klingon ship is descending towards the whaling ship, there is a shot of the whales immediately following a quick shot of the harpoon. At the extreme right-hand side of the underwater whale shot you can make out a diver from waist up.  Remember, the whale animatronics were not that big, so the diver looks much larger than the whales.
The Klingon ship is shown hovering above the whaler with the whaler deep in its shadow. When they cut back the bridge of the whaler, they're back in the sunshine. They cut back to show the Klingon ship hovering over the whaler, and it is once again in shadow.