"Star Trek The Search For Spock" : Supporting Characters


PLAYED BY: Christopher Lloyd

After obtaining the information and destroying the vessel Valkris was aboard in order to preserve secrecy, he ordered a course set for the Genesis planet, on a mission to subvert the technology from the Federation and utilize it as a weapon. Arriving at the planet, they encountered the USS Grissom, a Federation science vessel assigned to study the newly-formed world. In an attempt to gain hostages with which to bargain for the Genesis technology, Kruge ordered his gunner to target the Grissom's engines in order to disable the vessel. However, in what the gunner described as a "lucky shot," the Grissom was destroyed, an event to which Kruge responded by instantly killing his officer. Kruge later discovered, however, that a landing party from the Grissom had survived on the planet's surface, and subsequently led a team to search for them.

Kruge and his officers eventually located the team, consisting of Starfleet officer Lieutenant Saavik, son of Admiral James T. Kirk David Marcus, and a rejuvenated Captain Spock, whose body had been revived by the Genesis wave. Taking the team as hostages, Kruge demanded to know the secret of Genesis, and refused to believe Saavik when she informed him that the technology was fundamentally flawed, and that the planet they were on was on the verge of destroying itself. Upon the arrival of Admiral Kirk and the USS Enterprise, Kruge returned to his ship and attempted to ambush the Federation ship. The Enterprise crew detected the Bird of Prey's cloaked approach and got off the first shot. Kruge returned fire, expecting to be destroyed because the Federation ship outgunned him ten to one. Unknown to Kruge, the Enterprise was crewed only by Kirk and a handful of bridge officers. Without its normal crew of hundreds, the Enterprise was effectively disabled when Kruge's torpedo knocked out its automation center. Kirk, bluffing, opened communications to demand Kruge's surrender. Sensing that Kirk was hiding something, Kruge instead ordered Kirk's surrender, threatening to execute the prisoners as "enemies of galactic peace." As proof of his commitment, Kruge ordered his men on the surface to choose at random and kill one of the prisoners. As one of Kruge's men moved to stab Saavik, David intervened, sacrificing his own life to save her. In response, Kirk deceived Kruge into believing that he was indeed surrendering, allowing a Klingon team aboard the Enterprise while he and his own crew surreptitiously set the ship's auto-destruct and beamed down to the planet.

After the destruction of the Enterprise and the death of the bulk of Kruge's crew, Kirk contacted him from the surface, demanding to be beamed up. Kruge, however, chose to beam down himself to confront Kirk, allowing the rest of his crew to transport to the Bird-of-Prey. Engaging in a fight with Kirk amidst the conflagration of the dying Genesis planet, Kruge lost his footing as the ground gave way beneath him. Kirk caught Kruge as he fell, but instead of accepting Kirk's offer of mercy, he attempted to yank them both to their deaths. He failed, and was left dangling from Kirk's leg over an immense lava flow. Kirk then kicked him off the cliff where he fell to his death.

PLAYED BY: Mark Lenard

Spock was left for dead on the Genesis Planet after sacrificing his life to save the USS Enterprise. Sarek traveled to Earth, where he convinced James T. Kirk, now an admiral, to retrieve his son's body and pushed for a fal-tor-pan fusion of Spock's katra and body; although aware of the dangers and complications of the ritual, Sarek stated that his logic was uncertain where his son was concerned.

PLAYED BY: Merrick Butrick

David was assigned to the USS Grissom with Lt. Saavik to study the planet created in the Genesis explosion. At first, he was thrilled with the array of environments, but when he beamed down for a closer look, he found the planet in a state of environmental chaos, and recognized the cause as being the protomatter's instability.
David's naivete showed through when a group of Klingons arrived and demanded the Genesis Device. He honestly believed the Klingons wouldn't harm them because, as a planet-building device, it was an obvious failure. To the Klingons, however, Genesis was a powerful weapon, and a hostage was selected to die as proof of their serious intent.

As a d'k tahg knife was raised to Saavik's neck, David lunged toward the Klingon in a burst of courage which might have been expected of his father. However, he lacked Kirk's fighting prowess, and was killed with a single thrust of the three-bladed knife to his chest.

PLAYED BY: Robin Curtis

A female Vulcan apprentice of Spock who was enrolled at Starfleet Academy.  She was among the crew aboard Enterprise when Khan intercepted it.  Saavik was part of the search team on the Genesis planet and was key in the rescue of the regenerated Spock.  Saavik chose to remain on Vulcan when the rest of the Enterprise crew departed.