"Star Trek The Motion Picture" : Mistakes and Errors


The following are courtesy of MovieMistakes.com and IMDB.com
Bullet The turoblifts look different than they did in Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan.
Bullet When Kirk beams down to the Genesis planet after he puts his heavy jacket over his son he takes off his uniform jacket and apparently puts it under Spock's head as a sort of pillow. After he kills the Klingon commander he picks up Spock and uses the communicator to call for beam-up. You can still see the uniform jacket folded on the ground where Spock had been laying but when they show Kirk holding Spock getting beamed up the jacket is now draped over Kirks arm and he is carrying it aboard the Klingon ship. Since there is no way Kirk could have bent down to pick up his uniform jacket while holding Spock, while the planet is exploding around them Kirk would have had to put Spock down, pick up his jacket, pick Spock back up and then call for beam-up which is unlikely.
Bullet The Security Alert screen features a diagram of a Constitution-class vessel from the Original Series instead of the refitted version from the movies. Also, the registry on the diagram is NCC-200.
Bullet When the seal to Spock's quarters is broken, the Bridge displays of the ship and of Spock's quarters are based on the original Constitution-class vessels (from the TV show) and not the refitted movie version.
Bullet During the self destruction of the Enterprise, there's an explosion where a Klingon goes flying over the navigation console. When he lands, an arm can be seen helping him.
Bullet In the scene early in the movie where Kirk is talking to Sarek the guns on the wall are suddenly rearranged.
Bullet When Kirk checks the video logs to find the keeper of Spock's katra, the timestamp reveals that Spock melded with McCoy on stardate 8128.78. The Wrath of Khan begins on stardate 8130.3.
Early in the film when a lifeform was detected in Mr. Spock's quarters, you see a blip on the screen inside the old Enterprise not the new Enterprise. Notice the outline of the ship - different engines.
The Enterprise has more damage than it did at the end of Star Trek II.
At night on the Genesis planet David, Saavik and young Spock are braving a raging storm. You can see a tree fall over and clearly land on a Klingon. Problem is David, Saavik and Spock have not encountered the Klingons yet.
When Kirk and Kruge are fighting, a piece of the cliff breaks away and wiggles down the side of the cliff rather than falling like a rock.