"Star Trek: Nemesis" : Quotes


Worf: Captain, we are being hailed by the Romulans.
Picard: On screen.
[Picard realizes that the screen has been destroyed, along with the entire front wall of the bridge.]
Picard: ...Open a channel.
Commander William T. Riker: Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse.
Commander Deanna Troi: It was a... violation.
Commander Deanna Troi: It's Data.
Picard: Duty: a starship captain's life is filled with solemn duty. I have commanded men in battle. I have negotiated peace treaties between implacable enemies. I have represented the Federation in first contact with twenty-seven alien species. But none of this compares to my solemn duty as...best man. Now, I know that on an occasion such as this it is expected that I be gracious and fulsome with praise on the wonders of this blessed union, but have you two considered what you're doing to me? Of course you're happy! But what about my needs?! This is all a damned inconvenience! While you're happily settling in on the Titan, I'll have to train my new first officer. You all know him. He's a steely sort of fellow who knows every word of every paragraph of every regulation by heart; a stern martinet who will never, ever, allow me to go on away missions.
Praetor Shinzon: My life is meaningless as long as you're still alive!
Shinzon: We will no longer bow before anyone as slaves. Not the Romulans and not your mighty Federation. We are a race bred for war... and conquest.
Shinzon: You are me! The same noble Picard blood runs through our veins. Had you lived my life, you'd be doing exactly as I am... Look in the mirror and see yourself. Consider that, Captain... I can think of no greater torment for you.
Picard: I'm a mirror for you as well.
Shinzon: Not for long. I'm afraid you won't survive to witness the victory of the echo... over the voice.
Data: [Picks up B-4's arm] It appears to be a robotic arm.
Worf: Very astute.
Picard: Shut up, Data. I've waited 15 years to say that!
Data: Do you think this is a wise course of action, sir?
Picard: We're about to find out, Data.
Data: The B-4 is physically identical to me, although his neural pathways are not as advanced. But even if they were, he would not be me.
Picard: How can you be sure?
Data: I aspire, sir. To be better than I am. The B-4 does not. Nor does Shinzon.
Picard: The crew has responded with the dedication I've come to expect from them...And like a thousand other commanders on a thousand other battlefields, I wait for the dawn.
Worf: [hung over] Romulan ale should be illegal.
La Forge: It is.
Commander Deanna Troi: And you needn't worry. I'll brief your new counselor on everything she needs to know.
Picard: Like hell you will. You already know too much about me.
Picard: Now you promised there are no speeches during the ceremony on Betazed.
Commander William T. Riker: No...no speeches. No clothes, either.
Picard: Will Riker, you have been my trusted right arm for fifteen years. You have helped keep my course true and steady. Deanna Troi, you have been my conscience and guide. You have helped me to recognize the best parts of myself. You are my family. And in maritime tradition, I wish you clear horizons...my friends, make it so.
Picard: You have the bridge,...Mr. Troi.
Shinzon: I can hear as well as you can, Captain. I can see as well as you can...I can feel everything you feel...in fact, I feel exactly what you feel.
Picard: Why am I here?
Shinzon: I was lonely.
Shinzon: [about Picard] You're too slow, old man.
Data: I must deactivate you.
B-4: For how long?
Data: Indefinitely.
B-4: How long is tha--
Data: A long time, brother.
Worf: The Romulans fought with honor.
Picard: In his quest to be more like us, he helped show us what it means to be human.
Commander Deanna Troi: What's he doing?
Picard: He wants to look me in the eye...
B-4: [singing brokenly to himself] Never saw the sun... never saw the sun... never saw... the sun...
Picard: [helping along] Shining so bright.
B-4: [singing brokenly to himself] Shining so bright... never saw things...
[hums the rest of the line.]
Picard: [helping along] Going so right...
B-4: [singing to himself] Never saw things going so right...
Janeway: The Son'a, the Borg, the Romulans; you always get the easy assignments.
Shinzon: [to Donatra] If you EVER touch me again, I'll kill you.
Data: Ladies and gentlemen and invited transgender species...
Picard: [with awe] She's a predator...