"Star Trek: Nemesis" : Mistakes and Errors


Thanks to MovieMistakes.com and IMDB.com

The Enterprise-E only has 24 decks (stated in First Contact), but in the movie the Remans are said to be on Deck 29.
Near the end of the movie, Picard is toasting his crew with wine. In one scene he holds the wine glass by the stem, in the next scene he holds the wine glass by the cup.
A nearly-empty plate of food disappears from the table between shots when Picard and Shinzon have dinner together.
During Picard's speech about Riker and Troi you can see a shadow of the tree on the backdrop of the mountains in Alaska. See pic here.
When the viewscreen of the Enterprise is blown away, leaving just a hole in the hull for the crew to look through, all you can see is space. The bridge of the Enterprise is on the top of the saucer section, so you should have been able to see half of the saucer section through the hole.
During the desert chase scene, Picard and Data lose, then regain their sunglasses.
When the Scimitar disables the second Romulan vessel with pin point disrupter fire, the warbird loses all power and coasts to a stop. The laws of physics state that an object in motion remains in motion unless a force acts on it to stop it. Space is virtually frictionless, the warbird should have continued moving.
In the scene where Picard and Shinzon are having dinner on Shinzon's ship, one shot shows a wine glass with a little bit of blue liquid in it. The next shot of the same wine glass shows the glass more than half way full.
When Dr. Crusher is explaining to Picard about Shinzon's aging process, she explains about temporal RNA. But a few seconds later, watch her mouth as she says RNA - the voice over says DNA.
In the scene at the beginning where Picard is toasting Troi and Riker's wedding, we see a wide shot of the crew. Wesley is on the far left of his mother. In the wide shot, he isn't there, and then immediately after in a closer shot he is back again.
When Picard, Data and Worf are on the planet, just a few shots after they leave the shuttle, Picard drives a sharp left curve. If you look at him in this shot, it is not Patrick Stewart sitting on the driver's seat, but his stuntman, who is not even wearing goggles. See pic here.
When the front of the Enterprise bridge is blown out the crewman at the Navigator's station is thrown completely over his console. The harness lifting him out of his chair can clearly be seen before the camera cuts away.
When Data and Picard are trying to escape from the Remen ship for the first time, Picard places his back to part of the wall in order to avoid being shot. When he jumps out to return fire, the wall visibly bends back into shape where his body was forcing it out of alignment.
When the viewscreen is destroyed and the air is being sucked out of the bridge, Data braces himself by wrapping his arms around the Captain's chair, but Data's arms are not visible in the close-up of Picard.
Obvious stunt double for Picard during his tumble down the stairs with Shinzon.
In the latter half of the movie, Picard looks at a picture of himself from his days as a Starfleet Academy cadet while Beverly looks on too. This picture is actually the actor Tom Hardy (Shinzon, Picard's clone) and he appears with a completely bald/shaved head. Showing Picard bald as a cadet completely contradicts the TNG series. In the TNG episode 'Tapestry', a flashback set in 2327 (the year Picard graduated from the Academy), Picard is shown with a full head of hair. Also, in the TNG episode 'Violations', a flashback set in 2354 shows Picard with a partial head of hair when he takes Beverly to see her dead husband Jack's body.
In the scene where Picard and Data are about to board the Scorpion attack flyer, Picard throws his disruptor rifle to the ground. Yet just seconds later when the Scorpion is about to escape by blasting the entrance to the hangar bay open, no disruptor rifle is seen on the ground.
When the away team first walks into the room to meet Shizon, you see Deanna walking directly behind Picard. The camera angle changes and she is now seen walking next to Worf.
Guinan is not in the wide shot of the wedding toast. And many of the extras are in different spots in the wide shot compared to the coverage shots.