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While filming of the scene where Picard, Worf, and Data find B4's arm on Kolarus III, the people controlling the hand played a little joke and made B4's hand give Patrick Stewart the finger.
It took 9 hours to shoot the memory download scene where the camera goes from B4, over top of B4 and Data, and down to Data.
For the first time in Star Trek, The Enterprise E bridge was built on a gimble so it would physically shake the set. However, the first space battle scene on the bridge (just prior to Shinzon's visit to Picard's ready room) was shot prior to the gimble's construction, so it was done the old fashioned way (shaking the camera while the actors move).
Bryan Singer (X-Men movie director and writer) has a cameo in the movie: he replaces Worf at Tactical when Worf goes to meet the Reman boarding party. See pic here.
Although most of the movie's SFX were CGI, the crash scene was created using 40-foot models of the Enterprise and Scimitar. The footage from the models colliding was then digitally enhanced to give the final product.
B4's name in the original version of the script was B9.
Jude Law was originally considered for the role of Shinzon.
Michael Shanks (Daniel from Stargate) read for the role of Shinzon.
On the computer display showing the Federation fleet position, one of the ships is named the USS Archer, after Captain Archer (Enterprise). See pic here.
Midway during shooting, the captain's chair from the bridge set disappeared, apparently stolen. While the film crew scrambled to find a way to work around the problem, the "Enterprise" cast and crew shooting in the soundstages next door decided to have a little fun at their franchise-mate's expense: Scott Bakula visited Patrick Stewart's trailer to present him with a makeshift wooden "replacement" chair with the letters K-A-P-T-I-N painted on it.
Jeri Ryan was originally going to have a cameo in the movie, but she was unavailable due to shooting Boston Public. Kate Mulgrew was then given a cameo role.
The Reman make-up was inspired by the vampire Nosferatu.
Shinzon is a Chinese name that means "heart". It is also a Japanese name and means "new existence" in that language.
Ashley Judd was to have a cameo in an early version of the script, reprising her role as Ensign Lefler, from the Star Trek The Next Generation episodes: "The Game" and "Darmok".
Jonathon Frakes refused to shave his back for the love scene, so the hair was removed digitally.
Wil Wheaton was ecstatic to reprise his role as Wesley Crusher for the wedding scene.  In the end, his scene was cut, and he was not informed of the change.  In fact, he was not even invited to the premiere of the movie.  His scene was later included in the Collector's Edition release of the movie as a deleted scene.
Star Trek Nemesis is the lowest grossing film in the Star Trek franchise.
Early in the writing stage, it was planned for Patrick Stewart to play the roles of both Shinzon and Picard.
The Engineering lab, Engine Room, and Stellar Cartography sets were all the same set just redressed multiple times.
The Romulan Warbird Bridge set in this film is an extensive redress of the Enterprise-E bridge. After the Enterprise scenes were shot, the set was refurbished to meet the needs.
The Enterprise-E observation lounge is an extensive redress of the Enterprise-D Observation lounge as seen on Star Trek: The Next Generation. The set's aft video wall and console were refurbished for the third season of Enterprise, and the set as a whole was restored to its "Next Generation" appearance in the Enterprise series finale.
The farewell scene in Picard's ready room, near the end of the movie, had to be re-shot after Patrick Stewart unintentionally started crying.
The "stylus" prop Captain Picard uses briefly on his PADD is a mini butane torch.
The free-standing terminals used on the Scimitar bridge are actually reused Cardassian consoles from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
The free-standing terminals used on the Valdore bridge are actually reused Klingon consoles from throughout the various series.
The Reman costumes were re-used as Xindi-Reptilian uniforms in Star Trek: Enterprise.
Picard's new captain's chair used in a deleted scene set at the end of the film was reused as Captain Archer's command chair during the fourth season of Star Trek: Enterprise.


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