"Star Trek The Motion Picture" : Supporting Characters


PLAYED BY: Stephen Collins

Recommended as Enterprise captain by James Kirk himself following the end of the Enterprise’s five year mission, Decker supervised every minute of the ship’s refit. Unfortunately for him, Kirk replaced him as captain just prior to departure and demoted him to executive officer and commander’s rank due to an unknown alien threat approaching Earth. Upon the death of Commander Sonak, Kirk appointed him as science officer since he was the only one totally familiar with the new system design.

Decker’s familiarity with the new systems proved invaluable when an asteroid caught in a wormhole created by an Enterprise engine imbalanced threatened the ship. Captain Kirk had ordered phasers to destroy the rock, but Decker knew that the engine imbalance would leave the phasers inoperative, and countermanded with a photon torpedo order. The tactic worked and the ship was saved. While Kirk was embarrassed at first, Decker’s reasons proved sound to the captain.

As the Enterprise investigated the alien cloud, Decker wanted to maintain a more defensive posture, but Kirk overruled, claiming the use of the ship’s shields must be misconstrued as hostile. Decker claimed that moving inside the cloud was an “unwarranted gamble”; a belief which held true when Lieutenant Ilia, with whom Decker had a previous relationship, was seemingly killed by an invading life form.

However, Ilia’s body was “assimilated” by the alien, calling itself V’Ger, and was sent back to the Enterprise with a mission to learn more about the “carbon based units” infesting the ship. However, the real Ilia’s memory patterns remained within the probe, which was evidenced by the fact that the probe seemed to be attracted to Decker. Kirk ordered him to try to resurrect Ilia’s memories within the probe, but ultimately failed.

Ultimately, Decker volunteered to join with V’Ger after it had been determined that it wished to physically join with a human; to join with it’s creator. The convergence of man and machine gave birth to a whole new life form which seemed to disappear from our reality. However, Captain Kirk refused to list Decker as dead, opting instead for “missing.”

PLAYED BY: Persis Khambatta

Serving on Delta IV with Commander Decker, Ilia’s relationship with Decker had ended prior to her assignment as Enterprise navigator. A competent officer, her admittance to Starfleet required her to take an “Oath of Celibacy” given that the Deltan race is predisposed to sexuality. Unfortunately, Ilia was targeted by an alien probe that invaded the Enterprise bridge after the vessel breached the alien cloud. The probe seemingly killed her, removing her from the Enterprise, leaving only her tricorder behind.

PLAYED BY Persis Khambatta

After Lieutenant Ilia had been kidnapped from the Enterprise, her body was duplicated and augmented with cybernetic systems which would enable her to probe the Enterprise and learn about the ship, transmitting the data back to V’Ger. Following an examination in sick-bay, Dr. Chapel and Dr. McCoy were able to determine that every minute detail of the original Ilia had been duplicated. With that in mind, Decker, McCoy, and Chapel attempted to resurrect Ilia’s original memory patterns within the probe, however, the attempt ultimately failed. Serving as V’Ger llaison to the Enterprise, she informed Kirk of V’Ger’s demand that the carbon units (humans) provide V’Ger with it’s creator’s whereabouts. After Kirk revealed that humans were the creator, Commander Decker volunteered to join with V’Ger after the machine demanded it. With the real Ilia’s memories seemingly in control of the probe body, the Ilia Probe joined with Decker and V’Ger and merged to become a new life form which disappeared from our reality. Like Decker, Captain Kirk ordered her listed as “missing.”

PLAYED BY: Majel Barrett

Formerly a nurse under Dr. McCoy, Chapel had become a full M.D. and now served as chief medical officer of the Enterprise. However, when Dr. McCoy was asked back to duty by Captain Kirk, the two of them shared duties. She was instrumental in the attempt to restore Ilia’s memory patterns within the alien probe which took her form and helped restore Mr. Spock to health after his odyssey through the V’Ger ship.

PLAYED BY: Grace Lee Whitney

The former personal yeoman of Captain Kirk, Rand seemingly disappeared from the Enterprise early in its five year mission. However, after the ship’s extensive refit, Rand had been promoted to chief and now manned the ship’s transporter. Unfortunately, a red-line on the transporter caused an error during materialization which caused the deaths of two crewmembers, including Commander Sonak, the science officer. Though Rand was distraught by the accident, Captain Kirk told her she wasn’t at fault.

PLAYED BY: Jon Rashad Kamal

Mr. Spock’s replacement aboard the Enterprise, Sonak was ordered to report to Captain Kirk on the ship after meeting with him on Earth. Unfortunately, due to a transporter malfunction, Sonak was horribly deformed by the beam and quickly perished.

PLAYED BY: David Gautreaux

Commander of space station Epsilon IX, Branch frantically tried to communicate with the Enterprise the details of the alien cloud. However, Branch’s scans were interpreted as hostile by the alien and Epsilon IX was seemingly destroyed.

PLAYED BY: Mark Lenard

Commander of the IKS Amar, this Klingon captain did not take too kindly to an alien cloud invading Klingon territory and quickly ordered his battlefleet to attack the cloud. However, the Klingon photon torpedoes proved ineffective against the alien and all three Klingon ships were easily dealt with.