"Star Trek The Motion Picture" : Quotes


Chekov: "No casualties reported, Doctor."
Bones: "Wrong Mr. Chekov. There are casualties... my witts as in frightened out of Captain Sir."

Clearey: "Transporter room, come in! Urgent! Red-line on the transporter, Mr. Scott!"
Scotty: "Transporter! Do not engage!"
Clearey: "It’s too late! Are beaming now!"

Kirk: "Evaluation, Mr. Spock."
Spock: "Fascinating."

Spock: "It's life, Captain, but not life as we know it."

[Kirk apologizes for assuming command from Captain Decker.]
Kirk: "I'm sorry, Will."
Decker: "No, Admiral. I don't think you're sorry. Not one damned bit. I remember when you recommended me for this command. You told me how envious you were and how much you hoped you would get a starship command again. Well sir, it looks like you found a way."

[A transporter accident has just occurred.]
Transporter chief: "Enterprise, what we got back didn't live very long... fortunately."

Capt. Kirk: "Well, for a man who swore he'd never return to the Starfleet..."
Dr. McCoy: "Just a moment, Captain sir! Your revered Admiral Nogura invoked a little-known, seldom-used "reserve activation clause." In simpler language, Captain, they DRAFTED me!"
Capt. Kirk [in mock horror]: "They didn't!"
Dr. McCoy: "This was your idea! This was your idea, wasn't it?!"
Capt. Kirk: "Bones, there's a thing out there."
Dr. McCoy: "Why is any object we don't understand always called "a thing"?"

Dr. McCoy: "Well Jim... I hear Chapel's an M.D. now. Well I'm gonna need a top nurse... not a doctor who'll argue every little diagnosis with me. And they probably redesigned the whole sickbay, too! I know engineers, they LOVE to change things."

Captain Kirk: "Well, Bones. Do the new medical facilities meet with your approval?"
Dr. McCoy: "They do not. It's like working in a damn computer center."

[Comments on the immense size of V'ger.]
Uhura: "It could hold a crew of... tens of thousands."
Dr. McCoy: "Or a crew of a thousand ten miles tall."

[After Spock comments that, mentally, V'ger is a child.]
Dr. McCoy: "Spock, this "child" is about to wipe out every living thing on Earth! Now what do you suggest we do? Spank it?"
Spock: "Each of us, at some time in our lives, turns to someone - a father, a brother, a God - and asks, "Why am I here? What was I meant to be?""

Captain Kirk: "There’s nothing you could have done, Rand. It wasn’t your fault."

Captain Kirk: "All right, explanation! Why was my phaser order countermanded?!"
Decker: "Sir, the Enterprise redesign increases phaser energy by channelling it through the main engines. When they went into anti-matter imbalance, the phasers were automatically cut off."
Captain Kirk: "Then you acted properly, of course."
Decker: Thank you, sir. I’m sorry if I embarrassed you."
Captain Kirk: You saved the ship…"
Decker: I’m aware of that, sir."

Mr. Spock: "Permission to come aboard?"
Chekov: "Granted, sir! Gran…(Spock walks off)…ted…"

Dr. McCoy: (to Mr. Spock) "Well, so help me, I’m actually pleased to see you!"

Dr. McCoy: "Jim, if this super-intelligence is as important to him as he says it is, how do we know…"
Captain Kirk: "That he wouldn’t put his own interests ahead of the ship’s? I could never believe that."

Captain Kirk: (as a weapon approaches the Enterprise) "Spock…transmit now!"

Decker: "Don’t interfere with it!"
Chekov: "Absolutely I will not interfere!"

Captain Kirk: "Let’s take a look. Full sensor scan, Mr. Spock. They can’t expect us not to overlook them now."
Decker: Now that we’re looking down their throat."
Captain Kirk: "Right, now that we’ve got them just where they want us."

Mr. Spock: "Captain, I am now quite convinced that all of this is V’Ger…that we are inside a living machine."

Mr. Spock: (grabs Kirk’s hand) "Jim…this simple feeling is beyond V’Ger’s comprehension."

Mr. Spock: "A simple binary code transmitted by carrier wave signal. Radio."

Dr. McCoy: "Jim, what the hell kind of strategy is this?"
Captain Kirk: "If V’Ger destroys the Enterprise, the information it requires will also be destroyed."

Engineer: "Why has the captain ordered self-destruct?"
Scotty: "I would say, lass, because he thinks…he hopes…that when we go up, we’ll take the intruder with us."
Engineer: "Will we?"
Scotty: "When that much matter and anti-matter come together, oh yes, we will indeed!"

Captain Kirk: (noticing that Mr. Spock is crying) "Not for us?"
Mr. Spock: "No, Captain, not for us…for V’Ger. I weep for V’Ger as I would for a brother. As I was when I came aboard, so is V’Ger now. Empty, incomplete, and searching."

Decker: "Jim, I want this! As much as you wanted the Enterprise…I want this!"

Mr. Spock: "We witnessed a birth…possibly the next step in our evolution."

Captain Kirk: "Mr. Sulu, ahead warp one."
Sulu: "Warp one, sir."
DiFalco: "Heading, sir?"
Captain Kirk: "Out there…thataway!"