"Star Trek The Motion Picture" : Mistakes and Errors


Thanks to MovieMistakes.com
In the final scene on the bridge, Spock and McCoy are wearing colored arm bands which identify their departments: Spock's is orange (for Science) and McCoy's is green (for Medical). In the very last shot, Spock is wearing the green band and McCoy is wearing the orange one.
When Kirk leaves the Enterprise, you can see the set behind him, because this scene, among some others, was added prior to airing the show on ABC. Kirk's suit also changes from the time that he is seem leaving the ship to the time that Spock is sent back unconscious.
In the scene where the 4 officers and Ilia exit the ship onto the hull and begin walking towards the V'Ger structure, the outline of the hole left in the matte painting of the Enterprise saucer section is clearly visible.
This is only in the "extended version" of the movie. When the Enterprise is inside V'Ger, Spock leaves the ship and flies around in a spacesuit. He exits and re-enters the ship in a white spacesuit with a round helmet, but is shown flying around in an orange suit with a conical helmet.
When the travel pod arrives at the Enterprise with Scotty and Kirk, The computer says "Travel pod available Cargo 6", but the sign above the door says "5".
This is only in the original version of the movie. In the original series Spock mentioned that Vulcan has no moons. In the movie, when Spock is on Vulcan, he looks up and shields his eyes against the glare of the sun. When the scene changes, it is night and there are moons. This has been corrected in the Director's Edition.
When V'Ger first appears on the bridge as a column of light, you can see that the two sides of the image don't match up, because they tried to splice the special effects person who was moving the column out of the shot.
After Spock's arrival, the Enterprise is finally able to exceed Warp 1. At the end of the test run, the shot shows the Enterprise, the beautiful light spectrum tube, and the pop/explosion created by warp speed. The problem is the pop/explosion and the spectrum tube do not line up. It's almost as if the two started at different points.