Star Trek: Insurrection : Mistakes and Errors


When Captain Picard and Data are in the holoship, they shoot one of the Son'a officers guarding it, who falls to the ground. When Picard orders the program to end, the village disappears and the Son'a officer is nowhere to be seen. It is possible that the Son'a was a hologram, but what would the logic be in programming a holographic Son'a?
When Data discovers the holoship in the lake he reduces the amount of water in the lake significantly (The ship is now clearly visible, standing out several meters). But even so, the banks and the landing stage are still in their correct position. If the surface level had been reduced the landing stage should have been standing out of the water, too.
Picard, Data and Anij are able to easily enter the holoship from their boat, yet, when Picard and Data dive into the lake to save the drowning Anij, the entrance is several meters above the surface of the water.
Geordi's line of "Get me a medic over here!" in engineering is obviously dubbed in.
Geordi claims Data didn't take the emotion chip with him on the duck blind mission, despite the fact in Star Trek: Generations, Dr. Crusher reports that the emotion chip was fused into Data's neural net and could not be removed.
Data willfully walks into the Ba'ku lake even though in "Descent, Part II", Geordi reminds Data of a sailing trip they took on Devala Lake where Data "decided to go swimming" and jumped out of the boat, sinking to the bottom of the lake, requiring two weeks of maintenance to remove the water from his servos. Furthermore, if Data was designed to serve as a flotation device, he wouldn't need to walk along the bottom of the Devala Lake to return to shore.
When Picard and Data beam back to the Enterprise after rescuing Anij from the lake, Picard's uniform is still wet while Data's is dry. Similarily, when Data emerges from the lake after discovering the holoship, his uniform is soaked, only to be dry when he operates the dam and paddles the boat over to the holoship.
Worf's "gorch" disappears in several shots.