Star Trek: Insurrection: Main Characters


PLAYED BY: Patrick Stewart

Becoming restless of the Enterprise's war battles with the Dominion and constant diplomatic functions, Captain Picard takes the starship to sector 441 en route to the Goron system when reports indicate that Lieutenant Commander Data has apparently malfunctioned during a duck blind mission on the Ba'ku planet. Learning that Data is holding the Starfleet and Son'a crew hostage within the village square, Picard leads an armed away team to the surface to rescue them. However, upon arrival at the village, he finds the Ba'ku to be an advanced, though peaceful people who treat Data's hostages as guests. Upon the recovery and reparation of Data, Picard returns to the planet to attempt to unravel the mystery to his malfunction. Discovering a massive cloaked holoship containing a replica of the village submerged in the Ba'ku lake, Picard realizes that the only possible explanation for the presence of such a ship is to forcibly remove the villagers.

Confronting Admiral Dougherty, Picard learns that the Federation council has ordered the relocation. Unwilling to abandon the principles he's spent a lifetime defending, Picard and his bridge crew take the Captain's Yacht down to the planet and attempt to hide the villagers away from the Son'a to prevent their capture. During the course of the journey to shelter, Picard begins to develop feelings for Anij, one of the Ba'ku leaders. When an aerial attack from a Son'a ship causes a cave to collapse, both he and Anij are trapped in the rubble. With her life signs fading, she helps Picard discover the power to "live in the moment", allowing Dr. Crusher, Worf and Data ample time to rescue them and save her life.

Having been captured and held prisoner aboard Ru'afo's ship, Picard reveals the truth about the Son'a; that they are in fact Ba'ku. Condemned to death in a section of the Son'a ship unprotected against the thermolytic reaction of the injector collector, Picard is able to convince Gallatin to betray Ru'afo and help him put an end to his plan.

Beaming aboard the collector, Picard is able to detonate its self-destruct mechanism and escape before he is incinerated. With the Ba'ku relocation halted by the Federation council, Anij asks him to stay, but Picard knows he cannot as the Federation is currently gripped by perilous times, but promises he intends to use his upcoming three hundred and eighteen days of shore leave.

PLAYED BY: Jonathan Frakes

Upon entering the Briar Patch of sector 441, Riker, along with the rest of the crew begins to feel the affects of the metaphasic radition, restoring youthful appearances and qualities; in Riker's case, rekindling his love for Counselor Troi. When Troi is repulsed by Riker's beard, he shaves it off; a look he hadn't bore since 2363. When the bridge crew agrees to assist Picard in his rebellion, Riker takes command of the bridge and engages two Son'a ships. In a last ditch effort, Riker uses the Enterprise ramscoop to collect pockets of metrion gas from the Patch and expels it towards the Son'a ships. When Son'a fire their weapons, the gas explodes, incinerating one ship and severely damaging the other.

PLAYED BY: Brent Spiner

Assigned to the duck blind mission on the Ba'ku planet, Data discovered mysterious readings from the lake. Fearing the master plan would be uncovered, a Son'a officer fires on Data, damaging his positronic net. The damage causes Data's fail-safe system to engage whereby his ethical and moral subroutines take control of his neural net. With no knowledge besides what is right and what is wrong, Data's program determines that the duck blind mission is immoral and exposes the secret to the Ba'ku by uncovering the cloaked outpost. Placing the Starfleet and Son'a officers in the custody of the villagers, Data tells them that they are their enemies and that more would follow. Stealing the mission scout ship, Data attacks Ru'afo's ship and inflicts considerable damage before veering off. When the U.S.S. Enterprise arrives in orbit, Picard and Worf attempt to track him in a shuttlecraft. Perceiving them as enemies, Data attacks them. Remembering a production of "H.M.S. Pinafore" he was preparing before leaving on the mission, Picard and Worf sing "A British Tar" over the comm-system to distract Data, allowing Worf to deactivate him. Returned to the Enterprise and to duty, Data is repaired and discovers the cloaked Federation holoship in the lake. Along with the rest of the bridge crew, Data joins Picard's rebellion and befriends the young Ba'ku boy Artim, who teaches Data the necessity of playing for fun. With the crisis passed, Data joins Artim in a game of hide in seek.

PLAYED BY: LeVar Burton

With the metaphasic radiation affecting the crew, Geordi's implants begin to irritate him. Having been examined by Dr. Crusher, she discovers the cells around his optic nerves had begun to regenerate, causing new eyes to form. Having real eyesight at his disposal, Geordi transports to the Ba'ku planet, where he, for the first time, takes in a beautiful morning sunrise.

PLAYED BY: Michael Dorn

Following the death of his wife Jadzia Dax at the hands of a Pah-Wraith possessed Gul Dukat aboard Deep Space Nine, Worf had briefly left Deep Space Nine to oversee the installation of new defenses at the Manzar colony. With the Enterprise in the same area, Worf comes aboard for the reception for Regent Cuzar. When reports arrive that Data has malfunctioned, Picard asks Worf to delay his return to Deep Space Nine to join the crew to sector 441. With the metaphasic radiation affecting him more viscerally than the rest of the crew, Worf begins to unintentionally oversleep, form large gorches (Klingon pimples), experiencing accelerated hair growth, and feel aggressive tendencies, which aids in his ability to destroy a Son'a isolinear drone when has phaser rifle malfunctions.

PLAYED BY: Gates McFadden

When Geordi begins to complain of eye irritation, Dr. Crusher discovers that the metaphasic radiation has regenerated his optic nerves, and removes his cybernetic implants. Joining the bridge crew's rebellion, Dr. Crusher is instrumental in the destruction of several isolinear drones. When Worf knocks out one of the Son'a officers on the planet, Beverly discovers the truth about the Son'a. Upon the conclusion of the crisis, she also reintroduces Gallatin to his long-lost mother, who share a heartfelt reunion. Beverly, like the rest of the crew, is not immune to the metaphasic radiation, as her breasts begin to firm up, making Troi somewhat jealous.

PLAYED BY: Marina Sirtis

With the radiation affecting her as well, Counselor Troi begins to rekindle her feelings for Commander Riker. When he kisses her, she becomes repulsed by the feeling of his beard against her face and shaves it off for him during a romantic bubble bath. With the crisis over on the Ba'ku planet, Troi and Riker continue their new relationship, but even she is not sure where it will take them.