Star Trek: Insurrection: Guest Characters


PLAYED BY: F. Murray Abraham
Species: Son'a

Born on the Ba’ku planet as Ro’tin, Ru'afo changed his name when he and other renegades (who became known as the Son'a) were exiled. Ru’afo allied with Starfleet’s Admiral Dougherty, who agreed to remove the Ba’ku from their home planet in exchange for sharing the benefits of the planets rejuvenating metaphasic radiation. Ru’afo was killed and his followers were able to begin reconciliation with the Ba’ku.

PLAYED BY: Donna Murphy
Species: Ba'ku

Ba’ku female and one of the leaders of the Ba'ku community.  Anij became very close to Jean-Luc Picard as he helped preserve her planet. Her life was threatened by a collapsing cave, but she was able to survive with the help of Captain Picard and the medical expertise of Dr. Beverly Crusher.

PLAYED BY: Anthony Zerbe
Species: Human

Starfleet Admiral who formed an alliance with Ru’afo, a renegade exiled from his homeworld. Admiral Dougherty agreed to remove the Ba’ku people from their planet in exchange for the benefits of the planets rejuvenating metaphasic radiation.

PLAYED BY: Michael Welch
Species: Ba'ku

A 12-year-old Ba'ku boy who befriended Data and assisted in locating where Data malfunctioned on the planet. He advised Data to learn how to play, so the android could learn what it is like to be a child.

PLAYED BY: Daniel Hugh-Kelly
Species: Ba'ku

Artim's father and leader of the Ba'ku village. Sojef and the rest of the Ba'ku left their homeworld and colonized a planet deep within the Briar Patch, where they found that the metaphasic radiation in the planet's rings continuously regenerated their genetic structure, becoming, literally, a fountain of youth. Sojef had appeared much older in terms of physical appearance before arriving there.

PLAYED BY: Gregg Henry
Species: Son'a

Ru'afo's best friend and second in command of the Son'a. Gallatin was in charge of the Son'a contingent during the Duck Blind mission, but was captured by Lieutenant Commander Data when the Son'a officers fired on him, causing his fail safe system to activate. Gallatin was not in favour of killing the Ba'ku he once lived with, nor the Starfleet officers aboard Ru'afo's ship and assisted Captain Picard in thwarting Ru'afo's plan. Gallatin returned home to the Ba'ku planet where he was reunited with his mother.