"Star Trek: Generations" : Mistakes and Errors


When Picard beams down to Veredian III, his combadge is missing, implying that he had been to the Klingon ship and they had taken it from him. However, if that were the case, the transporter beam would be that of the Klingon ship, not the Enterprise, which is what he arrives in. Later, when he is transported to The Nexus, the combadge is back on, yet when he and Captain Kirk return to Veredian III, it is missing again.
Similarly, Captain Kirk’s insignia pin can been seen attached to his uniform jacket on a nearby rock when he is chopping wood, yet there is still a pin attached to his vest.
When the Enterprise-B is struck by the Nexus-Ribbon, you can see a blue crash mat that a falling cadet lands on.
During the Enterprise-D crash scene when Dr. Crusher and her sick-bay patients are getting tossed around, a common wrist-watch can be seen on Beverly's wrist.
During the final moments of the crash scene as the ceiling begins to come apart on the bridge, one of the side wall consoles is still lighted up even though everything else is off-line or destroyed.
When the saucer comes to a stop, the three command chairs are torn from their stands and hurled to the floor, however, when Picard and Riker survey the damage in the final scene, the chairs are back in their original places.
Worf claims it will take the solar probe eleven seconds to reach the sun, fired either from the Klingon ship or the planet surface which is highly unlikely, unless the probe is equipped with some kind of warp propulsion unit.
Riker orders Worf to fire a spread of photon torpedoes when the Klingons begin to cloak, but when Worf finally fires, only one torpedo is shot.
When Worf is flung over the tactical console during the crash sequence, his baldric comes off, yet when the camera gets a close-up of him, it is back in place.
Data finds Spot in the debris of the cargo bay which is highly unlikely if Spot was in Data’s quarters.
The Nexus Ribbon’s speed is inconsistent as it must move faster than light to traverse interstellar space, yet while in the atmosphere of Veredian III, it moves at a much slower speed.
When the crewmember is flung over the tactical console onto the captain’s chair, the chair, as well as Riker’s first officer’s chair are angled in opposite directions. When the Klingon ship is eventually destroyed and the crew reacts, the chairs are back to their normal positions.
During the battle with the Klingons, no one bothers to rotate the shield frequencies, even though that particular tactic had been introduced in “The Best of Both Worlds, Part I.”
For some reason, the camera is shaking when Geordi says “Must have been that last torpedo” even though the Enterprise is not being fired upon.
Data claims the warp core breach will explode in one minute. From the time it takes for the saucer to separate and his final announcement that the core breach is in progress, hardly one minute passes.
Picard is injured when he fights Soran (he gets a cut along his nose.) When he arrives in The Nexus, the injury is healed.
The original packaging of the Collector's Edition DVD stated that the teaser and theatrical trailers were included in the DVD set.  It turned out that the DVD set did not contain this, so Paramount recalled all the DVDs prior to the release date and repackaged them.  Some DVDs with the original packaging had already been shipped to customers and stores and thus were sold with the incorrect packaging.  You can see a scan of the incorrect packaging in our Miscellaneous Images page.