"Star Trek: Generations" : Main Characters


PLAYED BY: Patrick Stewart

When Captain Picard receives a message from Earth, he is devastated to learn that his brother, Robert, and his nephew, Rene, have been killed in a fire at the family vineyard. Having never fathered a son, Picard realizes that his family will die with him. However, Picard's personal problems must take a backseat when the U.S.S. Enterprise narrowly escapes a level-twelve shockwave in the Armagosa star system. Picard and Mr. Data learn that Dr. Tolian Soran has been destroying stars in order to affect the course of the mysterious Nexus Ribbon, and that his next target is the Veridian star.  It's destruction would mean the deaths of 230 million people on Veridian IV. Exchanging himself for the release of Geordi La Forge, Picard is allowed to beam to the surface of Veridian III where Soran plans to launch his solar probe and destroy the star. Unable to change Soran's mind, Picard attempts to physically subvert him, but fails. Soran is able to destroy the star, forcing the ribbon to hit Veridian III, sweeping both him and Picard into The Nexus.

Experiencing complete joy within The Nexus; a wife, a home, a family, Picard realizes that it isn't real and resolves to return to Veridian III just before Soran destroys that star. Realizing he can't stop him alone, he finds Captain James T. Kirk also in The Nexus. Kirk is reluctant to return at first, but he soon realizes as well that everything in The Nexus isn't real and decides to help Picard. The two are able to stop the destruction of the star and Soran is killed, however, not before Kirk is killed as well. Picard buries him on a mountaintop and awaits pick-up from an Enterprise shuttlecraft. Returning to his ship, he discovers that it has been destroyed in a battle with the Klingons.

Having suffered so much loss in recent days, Picard realizes that he must cherish every moment he has because they'll never come again.

PLAYED BY: Jonathan Frakes

After the U.S.S. Enterprise discovers that the Armagosa Observatory has been attacked by the Romulans, Commander Riker leads an away team over to the station where they find Dr. Tolian Soran, buried under a pile of debris. When Captain Picard uncovers Soran's plan, he leaves Riker in command when the ship comes under attack from the Duras sisters. The Enterprise is able to destroy the Klingons, but suffers major damage in the process. With an a warp core breach imminent, Riker orders the evacuation of the battle section and the saucer module to separate. The battle section explodes, sending out a shockwave that disables the saucer module, causing it to crash land on Veridian III. After the resuce of Picard, he and Riker scour through the remains of the ready room in search of the captain's photo album. Realizing he'll miss the ship, he muses that he always thought he'd get a shot to be the captain of it, but Picard reassures him that there will likely be another starship to be named Enterprise.

PLAYED BY: Brent Spiner

When Data shoves Dr. Crusher into a pool of water on the holodeck, he realizes that he will never be able to grasp the concept of humour as he is. With that in mind, he installs the emotion chip he recovered from his brother Lore and begins to feel human emotions. However, when the chip begins to malfunction, it overloads his positronic relay and becomes fused into his neural net. Unable to control his emotions, he asks to be deactivated until it can be removed, but Captain Picard tells him that part of having feelings is learning to integrate them into one's life. Willing to try, Data is able to uncover Dr. Soran's plan to destroy the Veridian star. After recovering Geordi from the Klingon, Data realizes he's not been behaving like himself, but rather like a human. Following the destruction of the Enterprise, he believes he's able to control his emotions, but when he finds his beloved cat Spot in the wreckage of the starship, alive and well, he is overcome with joy and begins to cry.

PLAYED BY: LeVar Burton

Sent to the Armagosa Observatory with Data to find trilithium, Geordi is incapacitated by Dr. Soran and kidnapped by the El Aurian. Bound to a chair aboard the Klingon ship, Dr. Soran presses him for any information he might have about trilithium. When the Enterprise intercepts the Klingon ship, Picard trades his freedom for Geordi's allowing him to return to the starship, but not before Lursa and B'etor implant a surveillance camera into his VISOR, allowing them to acquire critical information about the Enterprise's defenses. When the battle section is ordered evacuated, Geordi and his assistant take custody of a group of small children, and hurry to get them to safety.

PLAYED BY: Michael Dorn

After seven years aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise and six years as chief of ship's security, Worf had gained the admiration and respect of the entire crew. For his service, Captain Picard promotes him to the rank of lieutenant commander. When Lursa and B'etor attack the ship, Worf realizes that the defective plasma coils in their class of bird of prey may allow the Enterprise to order their cloaking device activated, thus, lowering their shields making them vulnerable to attack.

PLAYED BY: Gates McFadden

During Worf's promotion ceremony, Dr. Crusher attempts to explain to Data the concept of a practical joke. He tells him to "get into the spirit of things, learn to be spontaneous, live in the moment, do something unexpected." Heeding her words, Data promptly shoved her overboard where she plunged into the cold holodeck water. While she was initially very mad at Data, she eventually forgave him and learned that his emotion chip had fused into his neural net and could not be removed.

PLAYED BY: Marina Sirtis

Noticing that Captain Picard has become very somber after receiving a message from Earth, she attempts to offer her services as a counselor to him, where he reveals that his brother and nephew have been killed in a fire. When he says "it's all right", she reminds him it is most definately not all right. When the Duras sisters attack the Enterprise, and a direct hit causes an explosion on the bridge, incapacitating the helmsman, Troi dashes to the conn station to assume the controls. As she attempted to steer the Enterprise away from its doomed battle section, the impending warp core breach explodes, severely damages the helm, knocking all the controls off-line. All she can do is gaze at the viewscreen in horror as the ship begins to plummet to the surface.