"Star Trek: First Contact" : Mistakes and Errors


In Picard's dream, the interiors of the Borg ship do not match those of the ship from "The Best of Both Worlds."
Picard claims that Starfleet is mobilizing in the Typhon sector. In the episode "Cause and Effect", Picard in a log entry claims that the Enterprise is the first Starfleet ship is explore the Typhon sector. While that may be, the battle between Starfleet and the Borg ship somehow reaches Earth solar system, implying that the Typhon sector is near Earth's system. It is highly unlikely that an recently unexplored region would be near Earth's star system.
Lieutenant Daniels claims the Borg have assimilated decks 26 to 11 of the Enterprise, but Picard tells Lily the ship has only 24 decks.
When Picard spots the holodeck, the I.D. sticker on the doors reads "HOLOSUITE O4." When the Borg force their way through, the sticker reads "HOLODECK 04."
Sparks and gas settle on the hull of the Enterprise during the deflector dish scene which should not be possible in a weightless environment.
The hands of the Enterprise-crewmember-Borg who works on Data's arm in engineering are human flesh coloured instead of Borg-gray.
When Data is dragged into engineering, human hands can been seen briefly pulling him in.
The I.D. sticker on the sick-bay doors moves down as the Borg pound on it.
Picard has a tricorder in the holodeck, yet he had not left the armory with one nor is he seen with one until he pulls it out.
When Picard escapes the Borg through the Jefferies Tube, his red-turtleneck and vest are zipped up. When the camera cuts to him inside the tube, both are unzipped.
The drill-holes the Borg put in Data's head are missing in subsequent scenes.
Picard tells Lily to give a P.A.D.D. to Commander Riker or any of his crew. It is unlikely she would be able to do that since the escape pods were programmed to head to Gravette Island.
Picard has a clear path to engineering in the climax, completely devoid of any Borg activity. One wonders why the assault teams didn't take that path in the first place.
The Borg Queen's make-up accidentally smudges onto Picard's pants during the showdown in engineering.