"Star Trek: First Contact" : Main Characters


PLAYED BY: Patrick Stewart

Six years earlier, Jean-Luc Picard had been abducted from the U.S.S. Enterprise and assimilated into the Borg Collective where he was forced to use his vast knowledge of Starfleet operations to assist the Borg in the destruction of thirty-nine starships and eleven-thousand lives. Rescued by his crew, Picard's physical injuries fade, but the emotional scars could not fully heal. As time went on, Picard found that he still hear the call of the collective in his mind, which informed him of their incursion back into Federation space.

Starfleet, believing Picard to be a liability, orders the Enterprise to investigate the Romulan neutral zone. But, when news comes that the Borg are overwhelming the Starfleet armada, Picard disobeys orders and takes the Enterprise to intercept.

Using his vast knowledge of Borg engineering, Picard is able to order the remaining ships to fire on a focused area, quickly destroying the cube. When a Borg sphere is able to escape the explosion, Picard orders pursuit. The sphere projects a chronometric field and propels itself, and inadvertantly the Enterprise, back in time to the year 2063 on the eve of Zephram Cochrane's historic warp flight and first contact with the Vulcans.

Realizing the Borg plan to assimilate Earth in the past, he destroys the sphere with quantum torpedoes, but not before several Borg are able to transport aboard the Enterprise. As they quickly begin assimilating the ship, Picard encounters Lily Sloane, a civilian from Earth's past who had been beamed aboard for medical attention. Forming a relationship with her, she is able to convince Picard that it is better to initiate the Enterprise self-destruct and destroy the Borg, rather than let the Borg and his hatred destroy him.

Ordering his crew to evacuate, Picard remains aboard and stalks to engineering where the Borg hold Lieutenant Commander Data hostage. Willing to trade his life for Data's, he surrenders himself to the mysterious Borg Queen, but not before he finds that Data has betrayed him and allied himself with the Borg.

As Cochrane makes his warp flight, Data uses the Enterprise's weapons to attempt to destroy his warp ship. However, it turns out to be a deception as the quantum torpedoes miss and Data releases the plasma coolant, destroying the Borg hive and the Queen. As history continues uninterrupted, Picard bids farewell to Lily with a kiss on the cheek and orders the Enterprise back to the 24th century, where no doubt, the future awaits them.

PLAYED BY: Jonathan Frakes

When the Enterprise travels back in time to the 21st century, Riker is put in charge of the away team assisting Zephram Cochrane with his historic warp flight. Cochrane, reluctant at first, decides to go through with the flight after Riker tells him "don't try to be a great man, just be a man and let history make its own judgments." With Lily Sloane, Cochrane's original co-pilot trapped aboard the rapidly Borgifying Enterprise, Riker and Geordi join Cochrane aboard the Pheonix warp ship where they make history.

PLAYED BY: Brent Spiner

When the Borg begin to assimilate the Enterprise, Data is able to use his android intellect and reflexes to quickly isolate the main computer with a fractal encryption code, allowing the Starfleet crew to retain control of the starship. Joining Picard and the security troops on their mission to release the plasma coolant tanks in engineering, a plan that would destroy the Borg aboard, Data is captured and held captive in engineering. Encountering the mysterious and seductive Borg Queen, Data finds that she is grafting human skin onto his skeletal structure. Even for an android, Data finds his loyalties tested when the Borg Queen exerts more influence than he had anticipated. When Captain Picard goes to engineering to attempt to free Data, he pretends to betray his captain and ally with the Borg Queen; to the point of deactivating the Enterprise self-destruct and giving the Queen control of the main computer. When she orders him to destroy the Pheonix, Data seemingly obliges. He aims the quantum torpedoes, however, slightly behind the warp ship, sparing them entirely. As the Queen realizes she's been deceived, Data uses the split second of confusion to puncture the plasma coolant tank, liquefying the Borg and the Queen.

PLAYED BY: LeVar Burton

Having received cybernetic implants in eyes, Geordi becomes free of the VISOR device he had worn all his life. When the Borg damage the warp launch site in Montana, Geordi leads a damage control party to help repair the ship and ensure its launch on time. Seeing as the temporal prime directive had already been violated by telling Zephram Cochrane of the importance of his warp flight, Geordi inadvertantly overwhelms Cochrane with tales of how iconic he becomes by the 24th century. With Lily Sloane effectively trapped aboard the Enterprise, Geordi joins Cochrane and Riker aboard the Pheonix and makes human history.

PLAYED BY: Michael Dorn

Following the destruction of the Enterprise-D, Worf had considered retiring from Starfleet, but when the Klingon Empire attacks Deep Space Nine after the crew of the U.S.S. Defiant rescue the Cardassian Detapa Council, Worf remains in Starfleet, having been reassigned as strategic operations officer to the station. When the Borg invade Federation space, Captain Benjamin Sisko orders Worf to take the Defiant to the Typhon sector to engage the cube. The Borg are able to inflict serious damage to the ship, to the point where Worf has no choice but to order the Defiant to ram the cube. But, before his kamakazi maneuver can be executed, the U.S.S. Enterprise arrives and beams the Defiant survivors aboard. Resuming his former tactical duties aboard the Federation flagship, Worf joins Picard, Data and the security troops as they fight the Borg aboard the ship. When reports indicate that the Starfleet phasers will no longer affect the Borg, Worf implores Picard to evacuate the ship and activate the self-destruct. Picard, not willing to lose the Enterprise to the Borg, accuses Worf of being a coward. Enraged, Worf claims he'd kill Picard if he was any other man. After Lily is able to convince Picard not to let his quest for revenge overcome him, he apologizes.

PLAYED BY: Gates McFadden

When the Borg invade the Enterprise, one of their first targets is the ship's sick-bay. Having locked the door, Beverly orders her staff and patients to evacuate, leaving the Emergency Medical Hologram activated to cause a distraction once the Borg break in. Losing track of Lily Sloane in a jefferies tube, Beverly and her party are eventually rescued by Worf and are taken to the bridge. When Picard refuses to evacuate the ship, Beverly tries to convince him of the logic of the plan, but he refuses to listen. When Lily is able to convince him otherwise, Beverly, Worf and Picard activate the self-destruct. With the impending destruction of the Enterprise-E, she wonders if Starfleet would build another one.

PLAYED BY: Marina Sirtis

As part of the away team ordered to locate Zephram Cochrane on Earth after the Borg attack, Troi finds Cochrane in a bar and indulges in three shots of tequila with the inventor of the warp drive. Despite being seriously intoxicated, Troi suggests telling Cochrane the truth about what is really going on, to which Riker agrees. During the Pheonix launch, Troi begins the ship's ignition sequence and countdown, only to be interrupted by the loud strains of Steppenwolf's "Magic Carpet Ride."