"Star Trek: First Contact" : Supporting Characters


PLAYED BY: Alfre Woodard

A 21st century engineer who, along with Zephram Cochrane, designed and built the first warp-capable missile in human history, the Phoenix. When the Borg travelled back in time to her century and attacked her missile silo, she suffered theta radiation poisoning from one of the damaged fuselages. Beamed aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise for medical attention, she was caught up in a battle between the Starfleet crewmembers and Borg drones who had invaded the Federation ship. When the cyborgs attacked the ship's sick-bay, she used the opportunity to flee. Crawling through the Jefferies tubes, she eventually encountered Captain Jean-Luc Picard and held him hostage with his phaser. Demanding to be taken home, Picard took her to one of the torpedo bays where he opened up an airlock, showing her that they were in orbit around Earth. Convinced that Picard and his ship were indeed from the future, she accompanied him throughout the ever-growing Borg/Starfleet ship. Encountering a group of working Borg assimilating the ship, the two took refuge in the holographic world of Dixon Hill. Masquerading as characters, Picard stole a tommy gun and shot two Borg that were following them. Retreating back to the bridge, Picard learns that the Borg plan to use the ship's deflector dish as an interplexing homing beacon. After successfully destroying the beacon, the crew learns that none of their weapons will faze the Borg anymore. Determined to keep fighting a hopeless battle, Lily makes Picard realizes he is acting not unlike Captain Ahab in Moby Dick.  Realizing that resistance in this case, is futile, Picard resolves to evacuate the remaining crew and detonate the auto-destruct. Before abandoning ship, Picard reveals to Lily he must remain aboard to find Data, who had been captured by the Borg. Lily understands and tells him to find him. With Data recovered and the Borg threat eliminated, the crew beams down to Earth to watch with Lily and Cochrane as the Vulcans make first contact with humans. As Picard prepares to depart, Lily claims she envies him and the world he's going to, but Picard, in turn, says he envies her as she takes the first steps into a new frontier. The two kiss softly and the Enterprise returns to its own time as Cochrane introduces the Vulcans to a human vice: rock and roll.

PLAYED BY: James Cromwell

A 21st century engineer and scientist, who, along with Lily Sloane, built and designed the Phoenix warp ship. When the ship was attacked by Borg from the future, Cochrane decides the damage is not worth repairing and declares the project dead. As he drowns his "sorrows" in shots of Tequila with Counselor Deanna Troi; Commander Riker, and Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge reveal to him the truth; that they are from the future and that he must make his warp flight to ensure that history proceeds as it should. Cochrane agrees, but, after how he sees how revered he will become in the future, he backs out, claiming that he "doesn't want to be a statue." Convinced otherwise with a phaser blast to the back, Cochrane agrees again and travels faster than light alongside Riker and Geordi to the strains of "Magic Carpet Ride" by Steppenwolf. With the voyage a success, the trio returns to Earth to watch the Vulcans land. As the man who made the warp flight, Cochrane represents the human race and shakes the hand of the first alien to step foot on Earth.

PLAYED BY: Alice Krige

An enigma of a personality, The Borg Queen devised the plan to capture Captain Picard six years earlier and assimilate him into the Borg Collective to serve as a human counterpart to facilitate the introduction of the Borg into human society. However, despite his assimilation, Picard resisted. When the U.S.S. Enterprise-D eventually rescued their captain and destroyed the Borg ship that threatened to assimilate humanity, the Queen somehow escaped destruction. When the Borg plotted to assimilate Earth again, she once again accompanied the invading cube. However, the ship was quickly defeated by the Starfleet armada, thanks to Picard's accumulated knowledge of Borg engineering. When a Borg sphere managed to escape destruction, it travelled back in time to 2063 to try to prevent humanity's first contact with an alien race and make them easier to assimilate. The Enterprise was able to destroy the sphere, but not before they beamed their drone population aboard the Starfleet ship. As they began to assimilate the Federation flagship, the Queen took control of main engineering and established her collective there, assimilating the Enterprise crew members inside and surrounding. She ordered Lieutenant Commander Data captured and offered him human flesh and blood in exchange for the encryption codes to the Enterprise computer. Data resisted, but lulled the Queen into a false sense of security. Believing that Data had betrayed his Starfleet comrades, she attempted to recapture Picard back into her clutches. Picard agreed, but only if Data were released. She agreed, but, Picard found that Data did not wish to go, and ordered him to abort the auto-destruct, as well as give her control of the main computer. With Picard forced to watch, she ordered Data to fire the ship's quantum torpedoes at the Phoenix. Data obliged and fired the torpedoes, but, reprogrammed them to narrowly miss the ship. Realizing she had been tricked, she watched in horror as Data punctured a plasma coolant tank. As the corrosive gas flooded engineering, she tried to escape, but was pulled to her death by Data.

PLAYED BY: Neal McDonough
SPECIES: Human/Borg

Helmsman of the U.S.S. Enterprise, Hawk and the rest of the crew were plunged into a life or death struggle with Borg drones that boarded the ship and attempted to assimilate it. On a mission to destroy the Borg's interplexing beacon that was being constructed atop the particle emitter of the ship's deflector dish, Hawk was caught and assimilated by a Borg. Turned against his captain, he punched Picard's environmental helmet and attempted to expose him to the vacuum of space. He would have succeeded had Worf not shot him with a phaser rifle.

PLAYED BY: Eric Steinberg
SPECIES: Human/Borg

Assistant chief engineer of the Enterprise, Porter was placed in command of the division when Commander La Forge left to lead a damage control team down to Earth to repair the Phoenix. With the room's environmental controls malfunctioning, Porter and Eiger investigated. Upon examination, they found that the entire deck's controls were "going crazy." Beliving it to be a problem with the EPS conduits, Porter crawled into a Jefferies tube to investigate. As something quickly scurried past him, he moved in close to investigate and was assimilated by a Borg. Now as a drone, the Porter-Borg was assigned to graft organic skin onto Data's endoskeletal structure by The Borg Queen.

PLAYED BY: Marnie McPhail
SPECIES: Human/Borg

Lieutenant Porter's friend, Eiger crawled into the Jefferies tube when she heard Paul cry out. As she looked around for him, all she could see was the face of a Borg drone with its grotesque assimilation tubules coming right at her.

PLAYED BY: Michael Horton

Security chief aboard the Enterprise, Daniels, as well as Picard, Data and Worf lead a charge of commandos to main engineering on deck 16 to release the plasma coolant and destroy the Borg infestation. When they were quickly overwhelmed, they regrouped on deck 15. Maintaining checkpoints, Daniels lost many of his security personell as the Borg overran deck after deck. As they took control of deck 5 and 6, he realized that their phaser weapons were no longer effective. When Picard ordered them to fight hand-to-hand, he could hardly believe it, but was willing to carry out his orders. When Picard came to his senses, he was allowed to abandon ship and remain alive.

PLAYED BY: Don Stark
SPECIES: Hologram

A holographic character in the holonovel "The Big Goodbye." A shady character, Nicky was surrounded by an enterage of beautiful women and gangsters. When Picard/Dixon Hill stole his tommy gun and proceeded to shoot up the nightclub, he looked on with vague amusement.