"Star Trek V: The Final Frontier" : Mistakes and Errors


The following are courtesy of MovieMistakes.com and IMDB.com
Starfleet Headquarters is in the same time zone as Yosemite, yet when Kirk, Spock and McCoy leave Yosemite during the dark, they arrive on the Enterprise and talk to Bob from Starfleet, whose background shows daytime.
The color of Kirk's uniform changes when climbing/falling from the cliff.
Spock lifts his crew mates with the rocket boots. He passes deck numbers 35 through 78 from bottom to top. First off, deck numbers go from top to bottom. The bridge is on deck 1. Second, the Enterprise of that class only had 23 decks!
In the scene where Spock, wearing rocket boots, is in the turboshaft carrying Kirk and McCoy on either arm, he fires the booster rockets, thus propelling the three of them up the the turboshaft. If you watch carefully, the deck numbers in the background as they rise upwards go as follows: 35, 52, 64, back to 52, 77, 78, and then 78 again!
When Kirk is making the emergency call to starfleet the stars outside the window are moving by as if the ship were at impulse speed. Why are the stars moving so slow if they are supposed to be at maximum warp towards the great barrier?
When they reach the planet with "God" on it, the crew is up on the Enterprise and are watching the events transpire.  The viewscreen shows the 4 heroes walking away from the shuttlecraft, but it's as if there's a camera several feet to the side of the shuttle craft. Wouldn't any recording devices have to be attached to the craft?  Later, they also see Kirk get struck by God's lightning; how would the crew on the Enterprise see this?