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News ImageRare Kirk Funko POP! Spotted, No Sign of Chekov Jul 27, 2016
The new line of STAR TREK BEYOND Funko POP! vinyl figures are arriving to fans (and available in stores) now, and photos have surfaced of the FYE-exclusive Captain Kirk variant, wearing his blue “survival suit” from the film - but there's no sign yet of the possibly-cancelled Chekov variant in the wake of Anton Yelchin's tragic death.

News ImageSorry, Cupcake: Hendorff Cut from STAR TREK BEYOND Jul 26, 2016
Despite surviving INTO DARKNESS through the power of editing, Jason Matthew Smith's redshirt Lt. Hendorff - that's "Cupcake," to some of you - returned for STAR TREK BEYOND... but was cut from the final film once again.

News ImageGoing BEYOND at Barco Escape Jul 26, 2016
We checked out the new ultra-widescreen showing of STAR TREK BEYOND at the three-screen Barco Escape experience, with added picture and visual effects - check out our review of this unique presentation!

News ImageCaptured by Krall: My Time on the TREK BEYOND Set Jul 26, 2016
Ever wanted to join the Enterprise crew for one of their adventures? "Star Trek" superfan Natasha Young enlisted in Starfleet for STAR TREK BEYOND's excursion to Vancouver last summer - and after surviving capture by the evil Krall, she's got a wonderful story to tell about her experiences!

News ImageA Look at STAR TREK BEYOND Exclusive Releases Jul 24, 2016
The long-waited movie has only just landed in theaters, but you can already preorder STAR TREK BEYOND on all home media formats - and we've got a look at some of the retailer-exclusive plans for the latest film!

News ImagePost-STAR TREK BEYOND Comics Continue in October Jul 23, 2016
IDW Publishing’s sixty-issue Star Trek: Five Year Mission (previously Star Trek: Ongoing) monthly comic series comes to an end in August, and after taking a month off, the crew of the Kelvin Timeline’s USS Enterprise will be back in print for Star Trek: Boldly Go.

News ImageGreen Lantern Crossover Comic Sequel Announced Jul 23, 2016
Star Trek comic publisher IDW Publishing announced yesterday that their Star Trek / Green Lantern comic series, which wrapped up its six-issue run in January, will return later this year for another chapter in the crossover tale.

News ImageBEYOND Scores $5.5M in Early-Show Ticket Sales Jul 22, 2016
STAR TREK BEYOND debuts in wide release today for the United States and 36 other international markets, but the Wednesday night Kelvin Timeline marathon and Thursday’s early-bird showings have already started to gain decent ticket sale revenue, beating out 2013's INTO DARKNESS early shows.

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