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News ImageLast Omaze Video: Gag Reel, New BEYOND Alien Aug 31, 2015
There's just 48 hours left in the Star Trek: To Boldly Go contest, and to close out the charity drive, the STAR TREK BEYOND co-writer and actor Simon Pegg shot a quick farewell from the Pitt River Quarry filming site outside of Vancouver, highlighting a few new prizes and an Omaze filming gag reel -- with a little secret at the end.

News ImageAlice Eve Talks TREK BEYOND, Quarry Set Photos Aug 28, 2015
We have another collection of STAR TREK BEYOND updates for you today, with some new comments from INTO DARKNESS actress Alice Eve on Carol Marcus' return -- and a few new set photos from the BEYOND outdoor location shoot in an Vancouver-area quarry. Click on through and finish your week with us!

News ImageSTAR TREK BEYOND News Updates Aug 27, 2015
Another day, another collection of STAR TREK BEYOND updates from around the web! We've got a few things to report on today, including a few new filming locations up in Vancouver, and a teasing tweet from guest actor Idris Elba. PLUS! We announce the winner of our "Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage" concert giveaway contest!

News ImageQuinto Close-Up of New STAR TREK BEYOND Uniform Aug 25, 2015
Zachary Quinto took to social media this evening in full Spock regalia, straight from the STAR TREK BEYOND set, to show off another look at the revised Starfleet uniform first seen in great detail during last week's leak from the Vancouver set.

News ImageLeonard Nimoy Honored in Omaze Final Week Video Aug 25, 2015
It's the final week of the Star Trek: To Boldly Go contest, and to close out the charity drive, the cast of STAR TREK BEYOND takes time to honor the departed Leonard Nimoy in this week's fundraiser video. There's only a few days left to donate for the benefit of nine wonderful charities!

News ImageSensors Detect... a FIRST CONTACT Deleted Scene! Aug 25, 2015
There has been a lot of footage cut from the four "Star Trek: The Next Generation" films, but nothing from "Star Trek: First Contact" has ever surfaced -- until now! We uncover a brief deleted scene from the eighth "Star Trek" film, and then sought out one of the actors in the scene to tell us about his experience on the set!

News ImageThose STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT Chocolate Bars Aug 24, 2015
Twenty years later, there are still a handful of these candy conundrums around, and after several requests on our Facebook page to see what the STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT chocolate bars look like today, we decided to break the seal on these movie mysteries and show off the artwork inside!

News ImageSpock and McCoy to Team Up in BEYOND, Says Quinto Aug 24, 2015
In a new interview with Zachary Quinto, the man behind STAR TREK BEYOND's Spock reveals that most of his screen time in next year's film will not be with Chris Pine's Captain Kirk -- but instead with Karl Urban's Leonard McCoy. Could this mean the sequel will provide a larger role for the good country doctor?

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