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News ImageDoug Jung Talks STAR TREK BEYOND Writing Process Feb 01, 2016
We haven't heard that much from STAR TREK BEYOND scribe Doug Jung, who teamed up with co-writer Simon Pegg for the final version of the script at the beginning of 2015 (after Bob Orci and the other writers were let go from the project) -- but a new interview released today gave Jung the forum to talk a bit about his career to date, and of course, his involvement with BEYOND.

News ImageBEYOND Concept Art Reveals Unusual Starfleet Ship Jan 30, 2016
SPOILER ALERT! Remember that Omaze charity drive contest from last summer, while the STAR TREK BEYOND filming? Well those donation perks are starting to arrive, and one of those gifts is some production concept art that reveals a brand new starship of the Federation fleet! Check out this new vessel and let us know what you think of its look!

News ImageREVIEW: Trek Comics #53  Jan 19, 2016
Last seen in 2009's "Star Trek" film, Uhura's Orion classmate Gaila returns in this month's edition of IDW Publishing's ongoing comic series! When she reunites with Uhura and former flame Jim Kirk aboard the Enterprise, Gaila also finds time to reconnect with her green-skinned brother -- but they're both suddenly whisked off the ship by a mysterious enemy!

News Image Trek Comics: Starfleet Academy #2 Jan 17, 2016
We're back on Earth in IDW Publishing's "Starfleet Academy" comic miniseries, following a pair of stories in San Francisco! While Kirk, Uhura, and the soon-to-be Enterprise crew finish their time at the Academy in one tale, the other continues the adventures of an all-new class of Starfleet cadets navigating enlisted life!

News ImageREVIEW: "The Spectrum War" #6 Jan 16, 2016
In brightest day, in blackest night... it's the final chapter of the universe-expanding crossover comic, STAR TREK / GREEN LANTERN: THE SPECTRUM WAR! When the combined might of the Lanterns, Sinestro, and the Enterprise crew can't save the day, only Spock holds the key to protect the galaxy from destruction!

News ImageSulu's Surprising STAR TREK BEYOND Secret Jan 15, 2016
SPOILER ALERT! In a new video interview filmed back on STAR TREK BEYOND's Vancouver soundstage, John Cho talks a bit about the state of the Enterprise and crew during their Five Year Mission... and reveals a surprising character secret for his version of Hikaru Sulu!

News Image"New" 50th Anniversary TREK Film Sets Out Feb. 9 Jan 14, 2016
Paramount has quietly scheduled two new "Star Trek" film collection releases for February 9, clad in new 50th Anniversary packaging -- but with no word of any kind of new content, new presentation, or new anything, really, it looks like it's going to be another reissue of the 2009 mediocre masters.

News ImageMondo's TWOK Vinyl Now Available Jan 13, 2016
Mondo's limited edition STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN vinyl release is now available! This limited run two-LP pressing of James Horner's expanded TWOK score is up for order at Mondo's site for just $35 -- but act quickly, as these are surely fast to sell out!

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