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News ImageSTAR TREK BEYOND Outdoor Set Continues to Grow Jul 30, 2015
That giant outdoor build for STAR TREK BEYOND effects work continues to climb into the Canadian sky, as new photos from our friends in Vancouver have captured an enormous leap in size from our last look at the set -- lots of construction, lots of speculation!

News ImageNext Omaze BEYOND Video Released, Maybe Klingons? Jul 29, 2015
The next Omaze "Star Trek: To Boldly Go" contest winner has been announced in a new video from the "Star Trek Beyond" sets, as the Enterprise crew blows off some steam behind the cameras, and there's a subtle bit of this new video that might point towards Klingon space in "Star Trek Beyond" -- or is it just some extra flair?

News ImagePegg: Elba to be 'Complex' TREK BEYOND Villain Jul 28, 2015
Speaking with in a new interview during his "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation" press tour, STAR TREK BEYOND actor and co-writer Simon Pegg talked some more about Idris Elba's role in next year's sequel.

News ImageTrek Comics #47 - "The Tholian Webs, Part 2" Jul 25, 2015
The Enterprise crew continues their new Five Year Mission in this month's issue of their ongoing comic adventures, "The Tholian Webs" -- a retelling of the classic Original Series episode, but with several new-universe twists! Read on to learn more about our thoughts on the final chapter of this story!

News ImageSTAR TREK BEYOND Cast Gains THE RAID's Joe Taslim Jul 25, 2015
Joe Taslim, known for his martial arts work in action thrillers like THE RAID and Justin Lin's FAST & FURIOUS 6, has joined the cast of STAR TREK BEYOND. The Indonesian actor's role is expected to be connected with Idris Elba's character in next year's film.

News ImageQuino Showcases STAR TREK BEYOND Wig Collection Jul 24, 2015
Giving us a glimpse behind the scenes on "Star Trek Beyond," Zachary Quinto shared a photo of the hair and makeup trailer near set, showing off not only his own Vulcan hairpiece, but several other wigs as well -- our first hints towards the cast's movie appearance!

News ImagePegg: Memory Alpha 'So Helpful' for BEYOND Script Jul 22, 2015
In a new interview, STAR TREK BEYOND co-writer Simon Pegg has taken some time away from filming to reveal some more about his role in scripting the upcoming sequel -- and how he's been using a well-known fan resource to fuel his Trek knowledge while crafting the movie's story.

News ImageFirst BEYOND Contest Winner, Prop and Alien Pics! Jul 21, 2015
Did you enter the new Omaze "Star Trek: To Boldly Go" contest last week, hoping to score a trip up to the STAR TREK BEYOND set in Vancouver? The first week's winner has been announced, in a new video showing off the first glimpses of some props -- and a new alien design from the upcoming film!

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