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News ImageREVIEW: "Manifest Destiny #1" May 03, 2016
They're back: Klingons attack! In this long-awaited return of the most notorious villains in the "Star Trek" universe, the crew stumbles into a Klingon trap which puts Captain Kirk and the Enterprise team at the mercy of these fearsome warriors of Qo'noS!

News ImageEnter THIS WEEK for the TREK BEYOND Fan Event! May 02, 2016
After a few weeks of anxious speculation about the May 20 'fan event' being held at Paramount for the launch of the STAR TREK BEYOND marketing campaign, there's now been an official release of entry rules on how you can win a trip to this unprecedented celebration -- and you've only got five days to enter!

News ImageREVIEW: Starfleet Academy #5 May 01, 2016
It's the final chapter in this "Starfleet Academy" comic miniseries - and it's up to this new group of cadets to rescue a long-lost NX-Class starship, thought destroyed centuries ago while the rest of the Federation celebrates the Academy Centennial... while these friends just hope to make it home alive!

News ImageOne More BEYOND Set Photo Apr 30, 2016
We've got one more 'Star Trek Beyond' photo to add to yesterday's collection of promotional photos - and we've updated most of our original gallery with newly-located versions without watermark overlays.

News ImageNew TREK BEYOND Photos Surface Online Apr 29, 2016
SPOILER ALERT! A series of new production photos from STAR TREK BEYOND have hit the web this morning, featuring some new looks at the cast in uniform - as well as some great views of one of the new primary sets from this July's film!

News ImageSimon Pegg on TREK BEYOND's Reshoots Apr 26, 2016
STAR TREK BEYOND co-writer Simon Pegg is back in a new interview from CinemaCon earlier this month, speaking about not just to the status of the film’s post-production standing – including those reshoots last month – but also coming to a vigorous defense of director Justin Lin.

News ImageThe Crew Takes Cover in New STAR TREK BEYOND Photo Apr 25, 2016
A new photo from the set of "Star Trek Beyond" is out today, with a look at some of the cast in action on the surface of the planet central to this summer's film. Check it out and let us know what you think about this upcoming scene!

News ImageREVIEW: Trek Comics #56 Apr 19, 2016
As the elderly Spock continues his journey through his new universe, he revisits some of old haunts - and makes his way deep into Romulan space by way of Deep Space Station K-7 with the help of none other than Cyrano Jones!

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