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News ImageInto Darkness Blu-ray Screencaps: Chapter 1 Mar 21, 2014
We have the long awaited debut of our collection of high-definition Blu-ray screencaps from Star Trek Into Darkness. In Chapter 1, Kirk, Bones and Spock are in a world of trouble on Nibiru with an underwater ship, erupting volcano and hostile natives!

News ImageVIDEO: Payne Hints at 'Trek 3' Plot! Mar 19, 2014
We've got two more excerpts from 'Star Trek 3' co-writer J.D. Payne's recently-released interview from February, where he provides some insight into the next film's script development timeline... and also offers the first hints at the proposed plot of the 2016 release!

News ImageVIDEO: Writer J.D. Payne on 'Trek 3' Mar 18, 2014
Hot on the heels of his recent print interviews, a new video interview has surfaced featuring 'Star Trek 3' co-writer J.D. Payne, talking about his initial meetings with Bad Robot and J.J. Abrams to pitch for the next 'Trek' film.

News ImageFirst Words on 'Trek 3' From New Writer JD Payne Mar 15, 2014
Since newcomers JD Payne and Patrick McKay were announced to be lead co-writers (with Roberto Orci) on 2016's "Star Trek 3," the internet has been wondering just who these two guys are -- and now Payne has given the first interviews touching on their collaboration and their roles in the "Trek 3" writing team.

News ImageEXCLUSIVE! 'Into Darkness' Deleted Scenes (Part 2) Mar 03, 2014
From Nibiru to Jupiter to Starfleet Headquarters, we break down five more deleted scenes cut from "Star Trek Into Darkness" in this new feature, pulled from the film's Xbox SmartGlass bonus content -- including an unexpected look at a TOS-era Constitution-class starship!

News ImageEXCLUSIVE! 'Into Darkness' Deleted Scenes (Part 1) Feb 25, 2014
That's right, we've finally got 'em: the almost-mythical deleted scenes from last year's "Star Trek Into Darkness"! There's a lot of content here, so today we bring you the first round of cut footage from the twelfth Trek film. Read on to see what we all missed in theaters!

News ImageTrek Comics: 'Star Trek: Khan' #5 Feb 20, 2014
Comics editor Patrick Hayes brings you his review of "Star Trek: Khan" #5 -- the final chapter in the comic tie-in to "Star Trek Into Darkness" -- and this issue finally answers the burning question every Trek fan has been asking since the film was released: how did Khan Singh become Benedict Cumberbatch?

News ImageNew Nimoy and Takei Interviews Coming to EPIX Feb 13, 2014
American cable network EPIX will be debuting new interviews with original Trek actors Leonard Nimoy and George Takei as part of their 'Star Trek Fest' this weekend, a movie marathon leading up to the US television debut of 'Star Trek Into Darkness.'

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