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News ImageTWOK Steelbook Release Dates Set at Best Buy Apr 13, 2015
We've confirmed with our sources today that the Best Buy-exclusive "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" Blu-ray Steelbook release is set for a May 17 release in the United States, and is already available for preorder in Canada for an expected May 10 availability.

News ImageTREK 3: New Costumer, Cinematographer 'F&F' Alums Apr 11, 2015
It looks like incoming "Star Trek 3" director Justin Lin is bringing along some familiar teammates to the upcoming sequel film, drawing from his well-tested "Fast and Furious" production partners, replacing two key Abrams-era participants who followed the outgoing director to "Star Wars: Episode VII."

News ImageTREK 3: Sofia Boutella in a "Lead" Role Apr 10, 2015
In the first confirmed casting details for the next "Star Trek" film, news surfaced today that actress Sofia Boutella has been cast in what is being called a "lead role" in 2016's follow-up to "Star Trek Into Darkness."

News ImageTREK COMICS: "Green Lantern" Crossover Preview Apr 07, 2015
The comic book adventures of the crew of the USS Enterprise are warping into a new crossover event this July, as they team up with Hal Jordan and DC Comics' Green Lantern Corps in IDW Publishing's new six-issue story, STAR TREK / GREEN LANTERN: THE SPECTRUM WAR.

News ImagePegg Talks TREK 3 Deadline, Wanted to Kill Scotty Apr 07, 2015
We've got more insight into the buildup to the 'Star Trek 3' production, as actor and co-writer Simon Pegg talks about the looming script-completion deadline, as well as his initial idea to kill off Montgomery Scott in the upcoming sequel.

News ImageYelchin: Justin Lin to "Reinvigorate" Trek Films Apr 02, 2015
"Star Trek 3" actor Anton Yelchin spoke briefly today about his expectations on the upcoming sequel film, and working with incoming director Justin Lin as he returns to play Pavel Chekov for a third time on the big screen.

News ImagePegg: Idris Elba Klingon Rumors "Not True" Mar 29, 2015
'Star Trek 3' co-writer Simon Pegg weighed in today on last week's rumor that British actor Idris Elba would be joining the cast of the next film, possibly in the role of an unspecified Klingon -- and he was quick to shoot down that speculation.

News ImagePegg: “Trek 3″ About Adventure and Exploration Mar 27, 2015
"Star Trek 3" co-writer Simon Pegg is back with more insight into the sequel film's development process, talking about his approach to taking on the next "Trek" story, reaching back to the franchise's roots, and the status of the original Bob Orci script -- read on to learn more!

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