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News ImageBoutella at Squamish, Spock-Eyed Quinto Spotted Jul 02, 2015
Just a couple of quick STAR TREK BEYOND cast-spotting updates for this Thursday morning -- even though filming at the Stawamus Chief Provincial Park location has now concluded, actor Sofia Boutella took time to tiptoe through the trees in the forested location... perhaps because she was already there filming? ALSO: Zachary Quinto's Vulcan eyebrows caught on camera in a Spock-eyed fan selfie.

News ImageTREK 3: Pine Seen in Vancouver; Base Camp Photos Jul 01, 2015
Add one more name to the list of STAR TREK BEYOND sightings in Vancouver, as an Instagram user has posted a celebrity selfie with Chris Pine from a BC nightclub. ALSO: Several drive-by sightings of the STAR TREK BEYOND "base camp" up at the Stawamus Chief Provincial Park in northern British Columbia!

News ImageJustin Lin Offers First Glimpse of TREK 3 Costume Jun 29, 2015
"Star Trek Beyond" director Justin Lin has finally weighed in on the now-filming sequel, taking to Twitter to celebrate the launch of production. It's our first look at any Federation gear from this third entry in the film series, a new logo which appears to be part of a uniform shoulder patch. Looks like things are finally taking off!

News ImageTrek Comics #46 - "The Tholian Webs, Part 1" Jun 28, 2015
The Enterprise crew continues their new Five Year Mission in this month's issue of their ongoing comic adventures, "The Tholian Webs" -- a retelling of the classic Original Series episode, but with several new-universe twists! Read on to learn more about our thoughts on the first chapter of this story!

News ImageSTAR TREK 3 Will Film in Dubai Jun 26, 2015
Things just got going this week in Vancouver, but we've also learned today that the next "Star Trek" film will be traveling to Dubai soon for additional filming on the sequel, as Skydance Productions heads David Ellison and Dana Goldberg spoke today on the "Beyond" title, filming locations, director Justin Lin's vision, and the future of Trek on TV.

News ImagePine and Quinto Sign On for Potential TREK 4 Jun 26, 2015
Boy, we are exhausted today -- and it's barely started! It's been a busy day for Trek news, and here's one more breaking story, laying the first bit of foundation for a potential Star Trek Beyond sequel: Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto have both extended their Paramount contracts to a potential "Star Trek Beyond" sequel.

News ImageTREK 3 Stawamus Filming Permit Revealed! Jun 26, 2015
A double-whammy of news out of British Columbia today, as we've gotten a look at the park use permit for the "Star Trek Beyond" production team's visit to the Stawamus Chief Provincial Park north of Vancouver. Take a look at the details in this sixteen-page document!

News ImageFirst TREK 3 Filming Location Photos! Jun 26, 2015
The "Star Trek Beyond" news just won't stop this week, as we can now report on the first photos of the wooded filming location in Stawamus Chief Provincial Park in British Columbia, with constructed stages above the rocky forest floor, artificial boulders built for the movie's use -- and an update on the reports of environmental damage to the natural formations in the area.

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