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News ImageA Few More STAR TREK BEYOND Photos Arrive Jun 27, 2016
As the brand new STAR TREK BEYOND trailer landed this morning – along with another new TV spot – Paramount rolled out a couple of new BEYOND photos over at Empire Online, adding even more things to the already-overflowing pile of new discussion topics.

News ImageSTAR TREK BEYOND Trailer #3 Arrives! Jun 27, 2016
Breaking news this morning: the third STAR TREK BEYOND trailer has arrived, featuring Rihanna’s single “Sledgehammer” accompanying a host of new footage from this summer’s adventure. We’ll have our full breakdown and analysis soon, but for now, check out the new preview and share your thoughts!

News ImageNew TREK BEYOND TV Spot Heavy on Action, Teamwork Jun 27, 2016
There have been several STAR TREK BEYOND TV spots airing in the United States over the past few weeks – mostly we’ve not covered them as they’re just recuts of the existing trailer footage – but a new one arrived last night with several new scenes of the Enterprise crew.

News ImageTWOK Director's Cut Screencaps, Part III Jun 26, 2016
Our final round of high-definition screencaps from the new WRATH OF KHAN Director's Cut Blu-ray is here, with new clarity and color definition from an upgraded scan of the original film negatives. Check them out today and see how much the look of the movie has improved with the new release!

News ImageAlternate TREK Universe Finally Gets Official Name Jun 25, 2016
“Abramsverse.” “JJ Trek.” “NuTrek.” Finally, after seven years, there’s no longer a need to make up a title for the alternate reality Star Trek film series, as CBS has finally put a name to this new universe: the Kelvin Timeline, based upon the early moments of the 2009 "Star Trek" film.

News ImageSee TREK BEYOND a Day Early at Three-Film Marathon Jun 25, 2016
AMC Theatres has announced that fifteen of their multiplexes in the United States will be holding three-film movie marathons of 2009’s Star Trek, 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness, and this year’s new arrival STAR TREK BEYOND in one big sitting on July 20.

News ImageRihanna Single on STAR TREK BEYOND Soundtrack Jun 24, 2016
Award-winning mega-star Rihanna will be contributing a new song to the STAR TREK BEYOND soundtrack when the film releases this summer, as the news of the upcoming single arrived on the iTunes store last night.

News ImageNew Gallery: Remembering Anton Yelchin Jun 22, 2016
We've got a new gallery up tonight, in memory of recently-deceased "Star Trek" actor Anton Yelchin - a collection of rarely-seen photos of the late actor from throughout his career.

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