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News ImageiTunes Gets the STAR TREK BEYOND Audio Commentary Sep 29, 2016
Well, just when you thought you’d figured out your plan to pick up the best release of STAR TREK BEYOND in the coming weeks – weighing all the retailer-exclusive editions and deciding which is best for you – a new update to the digital listing of the film on iTunes is going to muddy the waters a bit.

News ImageBEYOND Coming to Blu-ray Nov. 1, Streaming Oct. 4 Sep 20, 2016
While Paramount hasn’t yet released their official press release on STAR TREK BEYOND‘s release date on home video, USA TODAY has published an exclusive confirmation of the film’s arrival: November 1 on DVD and Blu-ray - and check out the first deleted scene, with a surprising TOS S3 callback!

News ImageTarget Confirms TREK BEYOND Blu-ray Bonus Disc Sep 20, 2016
As we’ve been predicting for some time, STAR TREK BEYOND will officially have one retailer in the USA offering bonus content on disc, as Target updated their listings today with their special three-disc release of the new film - along with what looks like a special slipcover and a set of collectible art cards featuring the cast.

News ImageFirst Details on STAR TREK BEYOND Blu-ray Features Sep 15, 2016
We’re still awaiting Paramount’s official announcement on the release of STAR TREK BEYOND on home video, but today we have our first idea of the bonus features expected to accompany the newest Trek film, from the UK's film rating commission.

News ImageTrek Comics #60: "Connections, Part 2" Aug 28, 2016
It’s the final issue of IDW Publishing’s first five-year run of Kelvin Timeline "Star Trek" comics, the concluding chapter of “Connection,” uniting the two Trek timelines to solve a crisis that spans both universes! But don't worry, just because this tale ends with Issue #60, it's not the end for IDW's "Star Trek" comic line!

News ImageHow Memory Alpha Helped STAR TREK BEYOND Aug 23, 2016
We heard from Simon Pegg and Doug Jung several times leading up to the release of STAR TREK BEYOND that Memory Alpha - the Star Trek wiki - was a big resource in their writing process... and now Dan Carlson, co-founder of Memory Alpha, reveals how MA helped the BEYOND script!

News ImageGet "Lost in the Stars" With New TREK BEYOND Song Aug 21, 2016
Much like Rihanna’s collaboration with STAR TREK BEYOND earlier this year, the rollout of the newest Star Trek film is also getting a special accompaniment for its Chinese debut next month, by pop star Jason Zhang - just one part of the ongoing collaboration between Paramount Pictures and Chinese investor Huahua Media.

News ImagePreorder the UK STAR TREK BEYOND Steelbook! Aug 20, 2016
Preorder the STAR TREK BEYOND Steelbook from Amazon UK, coming later this year! Paramount's Blu-ray releases are generally region-free, so import to the US without worry if you want this special release!

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