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News ImageQuinto: Hopeful for TREK 4, But "No Guarantees" Apr 21, 2017
Kelvin Timeline actor Zachary Quinto hit the media circuit this week promoting the release of his new film "Aardvark," where he was asked about the status of the yet-unnamed STAR TREK 4 sequel announced by Paramount last summer.

News ImageTrek Comics: BOLDLY GO #7 Apr 14, 2017
It's only been two weeks but STAR TREK: BOLDLY GO is back with the next comic adventure of the Kelvin Timeline crew! This month, Jaylah and the 'Starfleet Academy' cast join a diplomatic summit between the major Alpha Quadrant powers -- but when one of the dignitaries suddenly dies, Andorian cadet Shev is suddenly the primary suspect in his murder!

News ImageTrek Comics: BOLDLY GO #6 Apr 06, 2017
The post-STAR TREK BEYOND voyages of Captain Kirk and crew continue in BOLDLY GO #6 - our review of this month's newest Trek comic adventure!

News ImageTrek Comics: STRANGER WORLDS #4 Mar 23, 2017
The STAR TREK / GREEN LANTERN crossover continues in "Stranger World" #4 - and now Khan's been released from cryosleep and has taken control of one of the Red Lanterns' rage rings, tearing through the galaxy with genetically-enhanced wrath! Can the Green Lanterns (and the crew of the Enterprise) get to Oa to recharge their failing rings and stop him?

News ImageMore Info on La-La Land's MOTION PICTURE Vinyl LPs Mar 08, 2017
We’ve got some more details on the upcoming Star Trek: The Motion Picture vinyl soundtrack release – first announced last week by La-La Land Records – coming up for order March 14, including a first look at the gorgeous album design, crackling with V'Ger lightning!

News ImageNew TMP Deluxe Vinyl Soundtrack Coming March 14 Mar 01, 2017
Our friends over at La-La Land Records are just going nuts with their "Star Trek" soundtrack projects these days! While fans are getting their new STAR TREK: VOYAGER collection delivered in the coming days, La-La Land tonight announced yet another March "Trek" music release – revisiting the 2012 recordings of the expanded STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE score in a lovely vinyl release!

News ImageTrek Comics: STRANGER WORLDS #3 Feb 24, 2017
The continuing STAR TREK / GREEN LANTERN crossover saga continues in "Stranger World #3" - as famous foes from the Trek and DC worlds begin to amass their power in the Alpha Quadrant... including one thought-defeated Enterprise enemy, back from captivity!

News ImageTrek Comics: BOLDLY GO #5 Feb 20, 2017
In this month's BOLDLY GO Kelvin Timeline comic adventure, IDW's Mike Johnson dives into the history of STAR TREK BEYOND'S fierce fighter - Jaylah!

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