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News ImageEarly TREK BEYOND Poster Spotted at MIPCOM Expo? Oct 07, 2015
While filming has just wrapped in Vancouver and is only beginning in Dubai, it seems Paramount Pictures may have finally started to dip into the STAR TREK BEYOND marketing budget for the MIPCOM entertainment trade show in Cannes, where an early poster for the upcoming film may have been spotted by an eagle-eyed visitor.

News ImageAnother Look at the Dubai STAR TREK BEYOND Set Oct 06, 2015
Spoilers ahead! This weekend brought our first look at STAR TREK BEYOND in Dubai, with a glimpse at the first outdoor set under construction in the city. Now, we have another view of this ongoing build at the foot of the Central Park Towers in Dubai!

News ImageFirst Set Photos from STAR TREK BEYOND in Dubai Oct 03, 2015
SPOILERS AHEAD! "Star Trek Beyond" took to the sky this week for some aerial filming via helicopter along the city's busiest roadway -- and while that was waking the metropolitan residents from their early-morning slumber, the BEYOND production crew was hard at work getting the first outdoor set ready for filming... and we've got the first photos here!

News ImageTrek Comics #49: "Deity, Part 2" Sep 30, 2015
The Enterprise's ongoing five-year-mission continues in this month's conclusion of "Deity!" Up against a fierce new enemy, Captain Kirk must choose between sacrificing his ship and crew or allowing an innocent species to perish -- and how does it all end? Read our review and find out!

News ImagePress Conference Launches BEYOND's Visit to Dubai Sep 30, 2015
Director Justin Lin, writers Doug Jung and Simon Pegg, and most of the cast of STAR TREK BEYOND have touched down in the United Arab Emirates this week, kicking off the film's production in Dubai with a press conference on the visit to the ultra-modern city in the Middle East -- the start of the final leg of filming on the 2016 sequel!

News ImageTrek Comics: “Star Trek / Green Lantern #2” Sep 27, 2015
We're playing a bit of comic catch-up this weekend! Our Trek Comics editor Patrick Hayes is here with his review of the second chapter of IDW Publishing's Star Trek crossover comic: "Star Trek / Green Lantern: The Spectrum War" -- featuring Klingons, Romulans... and Sinestro?!

News ImageTrek Comics: “Star Trek / Green Lantern #1” Sep 26, 2015
It's been a bit of a busy summer full of STAR TREK BEYOND news, but this weekend our Trek Comics reviews are is back with a review of the first issue of IDW Publishing's Star Trek crossover comic: "Star Trek / Green Lantern: The Spectrum War," when the Enterprise crew meets the Green Lantern Corps!

News ImageIdris Elba on His 'Groundbreaking' BEYOND Role Sep 25, 2015
STAR TREK BEYOND lead guest actor Idris Elba has been fairly tight-lipped about his role in the upcoming film, which is wrapping up in Vancouver this week -- but in a new interview released today, he's finally starting to open up about his Trek experience.

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