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News ImageScotty, Sulu, and Uhura Get TREK BEYOND Posters May 30, 2016
It’s a holiday in the USA, but it seems that Memorial Day won’t stop new STAR TREK BEYOND posters from hitting our inbox! Today, Simon Pegg, John Cho, and Zoe Saldana join the other cast getting their own character posters, featuring Scotty, Sulu, and Uhura among the Swarm vessels.

News ImageGiacchino Reveals BEYOND Score Previews, Titles May 28, 2016
STAR TREK film composer Michael Giacchino, who announced the start of BEYOND scoring sessions earlier this week, took to social media to sneak preview some snippets from the recording, as well as four track titles from the upcoming soundtrack.

News ImageTREK BEYOND Funko Pop! Vinyls Coming in July May 26, 2016
Well, this shouldn’t be much of a surprise: Funko announced today that they’ll be rolling out a line of STAR TREK BEYOND-themed line of their omnipresent Pop! Vinyl figures later this summer, to coincide with the release of the upcoming film.

News ImageOur Time at the STAR TREK BEYOND Fan Event May 26, 2016
There’s no denying the promotional push for STAR TREK BEYOND hit warp 9.975 on Friday evening when Paramount Pictures staged a fan event for the ages - and we were along for the ride, where the BEYOND cast and crew took the stage to answer questions, and party like it's the 23rd Century!

News ImageMore BEYOND Posters: Spock and Chekov May 26, 2016
Following what seems to be a daily trend of STAR TREK BEYONDi poster releases, Paramount has now put out character posters for Spock (Zachary Quinto) and Chekov (Anton Yelchin), continuing yesterday’s pattern.

News ImageSTAR TREK BEYOND Cast Interview Roundup May 25, 2016
This week, several media outlets who were lucky enough to visit the Vancouver film set of STAR TREK BEYOND back in August released expanded interviews with the cast, covering many topics from writing to production. We’ve poured through five different reports out in the past few days, and have picked out the most interesting segments for you here!

News ImageMore STAR TREK BEYOND Photos Released May 25, 2016
The news just keeps rolling along today, as Paramount has released yet another set of STAR TREK BEYOND publicity photos featuring the Enterprise crew, Jaylah, and their adventure on the unknown planet from July's film.

News ImageNew TREK BEYOND Posters Feature McCoy, Jaylah May 25, 2016
The wave of STAR TREK BEYOND marketing continues today, with yet another set of posters for July’s film. Following yesterday’s international design featuring a group of the movie’s cast, Paramount has now released the first character posters for Karl Urban’s McCoy, and Sofia Boutella’s Jaylah.

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