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News ImageTREK 3: Pegg Talks Script, Idris Elba a Bad Guy? Mar 25, 2015
It's been two months since any new information was released on the status of the next Abramsverse sequel, but this week we've finally got some updates on the status of the next "Star Trek" film from script co-writer Simon Pegg, and a possible look at one of the first guest actors cast for the 2016 movie!

News ImageTrek Comics #43: "Eurydice, Part I" Mar 18, 2015
When the Enterprise is flung to the far reaches of space, the crew must decide how to keep themselves alive after weeks without Starfleet support -- but is a new alien visitor the key to their survival?

News ImageTWOK Steelbook Coming in May Mar 06, 2015
TrekCore has confirmed today that Paramount Home Media will be issuing a new Steelbook release of "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan on Blu-ray, coming exclusively to Best Buy in May (as well as through Future Shop in Canada). Read on to see the first image of this new collectible release!

News ImageTrek Comics #42: "Behemoth II"  Mar 05, 2015
The next chapter of the Enterprise crew's Five Year Mission is out this week, and while the crew is battling an ancient being that threatens to destroy the ship and all aboard, our comics editor Patrick Hayes isn't quite sure if this adventure is worth the effort!

News ImageTrek Comics #41: "Behemoth" Feb 24, 2015
A strange alien ship, piloted by a lone being, holds the key to a long-dead civilization... but can the subpar artwork in this new comic entry support the start of a new adventure? The Five Year Mission continues in "Behemoth, Part I" -- read our review and judge for yourself!

News ImageTrek Comics #40: "The Q Gambit" (Part 6)  Jan 23, 2015
It all comes to a head in the final chapter of "The Q Gambit," as Kirk and crew spend their last minutes in an alternate future -- but when Q and the Bajoran Wormhole aliens collide with Dukat and a Pah-Wraith-powered Dominion threat, all bets are off!

News ImageBREAKING: Simon Pegg Co-Writing 'Trek 3' Jan 21, 2015
After a rocky few months, it's been revealed tonight that Scotty actor Simon Pegg -- writers of such big-screen hits like "Shaun of the Dead" and "The World's End" -- will be co-writing the next "Star Trek" film, due out in 2016.

News ImageTrek Comics #38: "The Q Gambit" (Part 5) Dec 27, 2014
Kirk and Uhura team up with Odo and Benjamin Sisko's renegade crew to take on Pah'wraith-powered Gul Dukat, as the events of DS9's "The Reckoning" take place between each celestial faction's respective Emissaries!

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